Castile & Sterling Shootings: Media Pushes Anti-White Narrative & Escalate Police Hatred

Matt Forney joins Henrik and Lana to discuss the cop shootings of
Philando Castile & Alton Sterling. The media continues to
push a blatant anti-White narrative inciting hatred & violence.



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  • statewithinastate2

    Either Jews or Muslims are behind Dallas. Niggers couldn’t organise an
    orange juice stand

  • DrControversy

    This conspiracy theory shit is stupid and we should be above that.

    All of this is easily explained by just how people are in stressful

  • DrkWngDck

    I don’t think that the suspicion of the deadpan, or stoic, or non emotional
    tone of speach, of these females is appropriate. No objections otherwise,
    and thanks for the news.

  • alliances of the republic boucher

    this ant black anger . ya OK well their was a cop shoot and kill that week
    you didn’t hear that I heard that on David dukes show and. sorry to say but
    there was a bunch of cop shot in Dallas

  • Benny Profane

    I would think taking her phone away would be standard operating procedure
    but a friend of mine sent me a selfie while she was in handcuffs in the
    back of a police car once. A lot of cops probably let them keep it because
    taking away their precious iPhone is like taking a toddler’s favorite toy

  • HEaRealNowhereMan

    Seems like bad acting. Is it real or fake ? I don’t know anymore – the Jew
    Media will just create More Hatred towards Whites as always.

  • takforalt

    And now as I write we have cops being shot in Dallas near the end of a
    “Black Lives Matter” protest. This smacks of inciting a race war and it
    tastes real, real bad. Mr. Forney may be correct when he said this might be
    a plan to bring in Marshall law and cancel the election.

  • Mass Grave

    The only positive thing about the Dallas shooting is the massive amount of
    backlash and hatred the #DinduLivesMatter group is going to receive.

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