If You Vote You Can’t Compain – Larken Rose on The Corbett Report

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Your vote is statistically meaningless and will not sway the (s)election. Your vote is strategically meaningless and decides nothing about the future of the country. Your vote is useless, as the (s)election is rigged anyway. But as Larken Rose reminds us, what really matters is that voting is immoral, legitimizing a system of authoritarian control and empowering the oligarchs who created the system and control its results.

Happy selection day!


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  • magnus4g63

    “the most dangerous superstition” is an excellent book, i highly recommend
    reading it even if you are already a peaceful person
    (voluntaryist/anarchist), a great insight into the belief in
    government/authority :)

  • Rene Serna

    We must start with this generation, my children are not voting. They are in
    their twentys. When they get home from school you must deprogram them.

  • gypster2004

    I stopped listening to LR a while
    Back. Not because he is wrong, but how belittling he is whenever he speaks.

    Calling statist people idiots constantly is not educating them.

  • Omar Von Gimbel

    Nobody brought peace to our time, lowered taxes, balanced the budget, fed
    the hungry & destitute, established a corporate death penalty, created free
    health care, ordered Congress & Senate to use same benefits as “The
    People,” and …bakes apple pie better than Mom!
    Nobody will keep election promises, will listen to your concerns, and will
    help the poor & unemployed.
    Nobody cares!
    If Nobody is elected, things will be better for everyone. Nobody tells the
    I’m voting for Nobody.

  • MrMartGonzo

    “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors
    are not victims but accomplices”
    George Orwell

  • Pepucho Lengualarga

    James… Larken… Both of you are saying the same thing David Icke says…
    Now lets play, “Pin the tail on the reptiles”…
    The interview of this century will happen when James Corbett talks to David

  • MrMountainsage

    The issue with the non-voting position for reasons of morality is a bullet
    or club does not care if you did or didn’t vote and why. Morality is not
    relevant in reality. It would be nice if it was but the bottom line is
    survival of the most adaptable.

  • kumochappy

    America has had a lose-lose choice for way too long yet people still
    believe in voting for the lesser evil. 100 % chance of war with Clinton and
    who knows what will happen with Israel-firster Trump. Not looking forward
    to it.

  • reversecourse

    The *FACT* of the matter is this: There is going to be a President no
    matter what. And unless you move to a secluded desert island, wherever you
    live on earth you will live under some kind of governing system. There
    isn’t a country on earth to go to that operates with an
    Anarcho-capitalist/Voluntsryist system. So if you live in say the United
    States, and one of two people is GOING TO BE the president, you might as
    well do your part and vote for the lesser of the two evils to make sure you
    don’t live under the rule of the even more evil one.

  • Luciano Dematos

    Great ((mind)). but how somene so clever been Atheist? I’m not religious at
    all. I believe that religion was created to hide the truth and block the
    power of our minds, and slave us all. its just another government to
    surpress our spirit. Atheism is a religion with itself. I understand
    ((love)) conscience. The Suprime Love mind that keep us alive and keep all
    matter in shape to this dimension. the god of religion has nothing to do
    with our high suprime mind that can be found from within. the god of
    religion is a outside one. its the far way one. my point, spirituality is
    real. and we must exercise it. anyway, today’s subject is something else…

  • spaceface3122

    Voting does not mean you support a corrupt system..
    It could also mean you’re trying to change it..

    I used to be anti-voting…. Now I’m anti-apathy and anti-sitting on my
    fucking ass and waiting for everyone to get it.

  • Coolie Bwoy417

    thank you for this kind of video, too many Damn trump supporters keep
    trying to convince me to jump on the trump wagon…

  • J Suckmadick

    “Voting is WAAAYY worse than doing nothing…blah blah”
    No… voting/or not does not give them anykind of right over you…
    What gives them the “right” to rule over, take you money, etc… is that’s
    what they wish to do, they have guns and they are willing to use them…
    that’s it, nothing more complicated than that.
    Fuck off…

  • Roadmasterism

    Larken might be wrong here. The RNC hasn’t given any money to Trump to
    defeat hillary this is the first time in history that this has happened. So
    it’s not a 2 party system its the banking cabal against Trump. Let see what
    Larken says when Trump puts republicans and democrats in prison.

  • Ali Hussain

    Attention please!. There’s a new word for “DOUBLE STANDARD”, & the word is
    “A😀M😁E😂R😃I😄C😆A” !..😈😈😈…They steal your truth & feed you lies!..

  • Étienne de La Boétie

    *Dear conspiracy anarchists,*

    I used to be one of you, the Rothbardian variety, and still am to some
    degree. However, if you look at the conspiracy powers erecting a world
    government, all shady and behind the scenes like, and observe who is doing
    it, you will see they are private interests. Banks, arms companies, oil,
    philanthropies, whatever you want to identify out of it; they are private
    interests engaging in regulatory capture of the many nation states and
    social engineering in the non-state sphere.

    Read what these globalists have said; they are dismantling national state
    sovereignty. Oh, okay, that’s so bad, conspiracy interests plotting to use
    the state to…dismantle the…state…hmmm. Now, why would a bunch of
    “libertarian” “voluntarists” care about these bankers and globalists if the
    bankers and globalists are working to dismantle the state they so much love
    to hate?

    Oh, I know! World government. These globalists want an even bigger state!
    That’s why we oppose them! So, if pragmatically, there is an option to
    stave off the full integration of the national system into a world system,
    to slow the growth of their power, would it not
    make sense to do so? Do you not recognize that smaller power structures are
    natural allies when larger ones encroach? Anyone in the United States can
    recognize the small government people are the ones that defend states
    rights. While the states may be oppressive, they are *local.* That is the
    key point. They are more responsive and can spread their pain less
    distance. The global elite are denationalizing legal jurisdictions in
    international law; you won’t have a power to combat the “global” structure
    when the national structure is no longer legal recognized as “sovereign.”

    This strict adherence to an ideology no one knows about is definitely cult
    like. You might as well be practicing abstinence; it is the same in
    principle; abstinence from relevance.

    The reality is that the globalists have used individualism to help generate
    the many ‘identity’ groups. Individualism, to them atomization, is being
    used so people at a local level will identify with their local self, and
    desire to whither the national state away because it has been the vehicle
    for oppression in the past. But what remains is the supranational
    structure. Take Spain and the EU. Spain has its 17 “Autonomous Zones”
    within its territory. Those “autonomous” zones are totally and 100%
    dependent on ECB credit in order for their economies to function. They are
    not autonomous at all in the financial sense. If you look into it, they
    mean autonomous social policies. They are “free” to choose among
    unimportant things. Finance = independence. So, in that circumstance, would
    it be wise for the Spainards to attempt to dissolve the Spanish state
    before or after they dissolve the EU?

    Further, we should discuss fertility rates. Once your fertility rate, as a
    society, declines below 1.7 it is mathematically impossible to ever have a
    growing society ever again; you will need immigrants in order to ever grow
    again. Do you think it matters where the immigrants come from? If you are a
    French girl, do you want immigrants coming from Ethiopia, Syria, Indonesia,
    Brazil, or India? Do you think that just anyone from the world is going to
    move into your cities and abide by your ways? Especially if they are coming
    in large numbers and sticking together.

    If you are in a society, like, say, Japan, where the fertility rate is far
    below recoverable, 35% of the young adults are virgins desiring sex with
    robots, they are not allowing immigrants in in large numbers. What does
    their future portend in 50-100 years? Chinese rulership? It is no wonder
    why the suicide rates in Japan are so high; anyone with a brain can see the
    lack of children spells the doom of society; it generally means the people
    are motivationless and have no reason to have children.

    Individualism itself has been coopted; right now, in these conditions, it
    is the embodiment of stupidity and the ultimate war of all against all. It
    is not contradictory for people to agree to state power, to vote for an
    existing power, in the name of protection from private interests dedicated
    to creating a world government that will subsume your state. The globalists
    don’t care about you, remember. We could at least care about each other at
    the local level.

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