The French Patriot Act: More Power for the Elite

Patrick Le Brun is a writer and activist who has written many articles for Counter-Currents. He has extensive experience with the French Identitarian movement. He is currently based in the United States, where he mentors college students who wish to engage in activism.

Patrick returns to Red Ice to discuss a recent national security bill passed by the French government. Similar to the Patriot Act in America, this bill greatly expands the powers of the French state to fight terrorism. The main issue, as Patrick explains, is that what constitutes terrorism remains ambiguous. Patrick argues that the French ruling elite see nationalism, not radical Islam, as a threat to their interests. Later, we talk about the Islamization of France, and how imams are radicalizing the country’s non-White prison population. The show covers much more, including Patrick’s thoughts on Charlottesville and the American Alt-Right.

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  • Green Leader


    I’ve come to realize just how separated the new laws are from any kind of factual values or former values of the west.
    Do the police of Germany or France realize how they are actively being used to destroy and become an even bigger threat to their own nation.

  • Shawn Greene

    Is there anybody who want to tell me why Weinstein was dumped by his own kind ? As far as I know that’s very very rare. Jews always protect their own kind however heinous those crimes they committed are.

  • Hans Grubet

    Stop attacking the Muslims because your playing the game they want you to play and start going after the politicians and businessmen who brought them here and support them remaining here…..destroy their comfort and safety where ever they are no place to hide and make it very painful to be a politician…..make it impossible for politicians and businessmen to move around freely…….

  • Reactionary Monarchist

    The elites have not been openly trampling the principles of democracy that they preach—then they would run out of propaganda against their geopolitical opponents, like Russia—but through their actions they have reduced democratic principles in the West to a mere formality.

  • Trollarc Ninja

    so what alphabet agency got to you guys? You used to focus on the disease instead of the symptoms, now you are towing the kosher line.
    how far the mighty have fallen.

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