10-08-12 Prof. Chengiah Ragaven interviewed by Lisa Arbercheski with Behind the Scenes Footage

T&H Subscribers Only: Contains Behind the Scenes footage in addition to the interview. Prof. Chengiah Ragaven, a former political prisoner in South Africa and later graduate of Oxford, Cambridge, and several other universities, discusses “the psychology of control” with Lisa Arbercheski (http://www.TragedyandHope.com)


1. Topic: The Psychology of Control
2. Interview Subject: Dr. Chengiah Ragaven
3. 3. Known for: His influence on Steve Biko who ignited the Black Consciousness Movement worldwide (which was memorialized in the film “Cry Freedom” with Denzell Washington and Kevin Kline), his being a political prisoner in South Africa during Apartheid, his subsequent exodus and exile from South Africa in Britain where he then educated himself on (as he says in the interview) his enemy (empire).
4. Degrees from Oxford, Cambridge, Univ. London, Sussex, McGill, and others, here’s his official C.V. listing:
Chengiah Ragaven Ph.D(ABD) (McGill), Ph.D(Cand.) (Cantab) MA.(Oxon), MA.(Sussex), MA.(UKZN), B.Ed (London)Cert.ED. (Lond).Cert.St.(Oxon) Faculty-International Studies. Central Connecticut State University. Research Fellow-Simone de Beauvoir Institute and Women Studies. Concordia University-Montreal, Canada.
After looking those up on the web, Oxon = Oxford Degree holder, Cantab = Cambridge Degree holder


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