The Ochelli Effect-2017-09-26

The Ochelli Effect 9-26-2017 Mike Swanson and JP Sottile
Vietnam God Country and Battle Fatigue

On a Tuesday Chuck discusses with Mike Swanson the Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam. The good , bad , and ugly of the PBS presentation and the subject in general which Mike is putting together at least one upcoming book about. Vietnam God Country and Battle Fatigue

Second hour JP Sottile , the newsvandal himself arrives to go even deeper into the history of American conflicts From Vietnam to PTSD ie Post Trump Stress Disorder. Is the bastard president taylor made for the mental disorder that allows nearly any behavior for the Elect class?

Vietnam God Country and Battle Fatigue

The nature of Documentary film making and the historical reality plus the real time cluster f–k that is political stupidity wrapped in ignorance inside the enigma of denial. Does the NFL matter , is a black and white paradigm built into the matrix of the stupid? Is Agent Orange )TRUMP) actually doing anything other than making noise? Who is the real Son Of A Bitch? Protest versus the political theater of what you get to see on T.V.

Flags on the field , and Puerto Rico Under water? Is chuck the only one wishing stomache cancer on Trump?

Vietnam God Country and Battle Fatigue

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