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  • Virginia Jenkins

    Stock up on Water, Vinegar, Tea, Rice , Beans , Matches , Candles, Guns, Bullets, Holy Bible. Blankets, Metal Buckets. Honey, Cinnamon. Rubbing Alcohol. Hydrogen Peroxide , Baking Soda, Popcorn. Coleman Coolers with Wheels. to store items. Shopping carts with Wheels. Look at Mad Max Movies and all Doomsday Movies . Old Newspaper, Toilet Paper.

  • Servicing IQ

    Hmm very interesting, could a Cyber Attack take the stock market.
    Technically not really if controllers of major trunks and down to ISP worked together.
    That would be see as the control state.
    Go figure, or it could happen because they let it, but who is they.

    So once again, NO if the big network is controlled.

    End of Line

  • Tiger.

    Go to your Bible read the book of Obadiah think God really loves everybody think again because this is what he’s waiting for the distraction of Edom.

    No you might say that’s not United States God doesn’t put United States in his Bible.
    He puts it in there the way he sees it Edom Edomites. It’s only possible for what it says.

  • Andrew Herrera

    I thank God I found this channel on YouTube, it has been such a blessing. Really thinking about joining the on demand gang. Keep hitting them in the face guys, awesome job

  • Christian Hansen

    Dude it won’t happen. Korea has fake weapons. please don’t listen to propaganda. All those hurricanes were man made.

  • The Late Night Guard

    The Volcker Rule is important because if a Bank used their own money to invest and lost they would have to use depositor(your money) money to save themselves and you wouldn’t have your money because they used it to keep themselves afloat

  • Jim Heaton

    Christopher, your a believer. It’s easy to understand why it is all crazy, “They wouldn’t believe the truth, so, God gave them over to a strong delusion”. Think about what people will believe. They will believe anything, except the truth. Be safe, Look up.

  • beneatheurfeet

    I remember back when people wondered if the Dow would ever go over 5000. Then a few years later the dot com dominated the market at ridiculous valuations making more self made millionaires out of investors buying shares of stock in companies like yahoo for example.

  • Mountain MawMaw

    You should investigate what the Nike mark means. I don’t think you would wear that hat anymore if you knew. Lord bless you.

  • Seeking Serenity Outdoors

    AMTV IS A BUNCH OF FAKE FUCKIN NEWS. You don’t have the money or contacts to have actual information other than what you idiots find from random informers and tabloids. Hope no one believes this bull shit. This channel is based on nobodies POV

  • Azzagard

    Chris, just want to stop and say thanks for spreading the truth when so few others will and for battling the MSM lies and propaganda. Keep fighting the good fight.

  • Bob Smith

    a neat edition of the Holy Scriptures for the use of schools.”
    – United States Congress 1782
    Congress passed this resolution:
    “The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.”
    – United States Congress 1782

  • Craig Curtice

    Come on Christopher I know you got to make money trust me I know how the world works but please stop with the immediately pop-ups as I’m trying to watch your video please

  • Reality TV Clips

    been saying this for YEARS!!!!
    There will be a false flag blamed on some country…… has to come crashing down.

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