Is It OVER For YouTube? – A Decentralized Alternative Is Here! (DTube)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about the recent demonetization of countless YouTube channels.
In the past several months, YouTube has really stepped up their game demonetizing those with views that don’t fit official establishment narratives. Not only that, but completely non-controversial people doing video game tutorials and play-throughs.
With some of the top YouTubers affected, it was only a matter of time before alternatives would provide the services the customers are asking for and that alternative is here!
As we’ve gone into before at WAM, DTube provides people a censorship free decentralized alternative to YouTube which has been long awaited.
DTube is powered through Steemit, the decentralized alternative to Facebook!
You get paid by posting your video and if your video gains demand from an audience, people will upvote you and you will make money in STEEM the cryptocurrency.
Dan and Josh dig into why it’s necessary and why the future is on the blockchain.

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
Dan Dicks

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Viking Mike

    ‘Big Brother Elites’ don’t appreciate facts anchored in the truth. Only the ‘alternative type’ of facts that propagate [their] agenda/s. Any and every shred of light to expose and debunk [their] corporate media machine’s spin on reality, history, and the truth will be met with swift action of either marginalization or simply banned from the general public. Now go to your favorite fast food slop house and have yourself a double heaping of a very ‘nutritious’ and tasty greasy cardiac arrest meal that is sure to please your tummy.

  • Rich Monk

    Who can you never talk about? Jews. Anything the Jews/ marxists don’t want the public to know and understand is suppressed like all Jewish murderous History, and connections to communism, marxism, the Federal Reserve – Jewish organized crime syndicate, the criminal apartheid state of zionist Israel. Name the enemy of America!

  • Reggie Abernethy

    If you’ve seen the Facebook quiz on “hate speech “, then it is clear they(and their ilk)have no actual policy…but they do have an agenda.

  • Emit Fo Ynam

    Your doing an amazing work for the alternativ media Josh. Im starting too wake up even its late 🙂

    Best regards
    EFY or “E”FY im unsure atm.

  • No Fix

    These Google left wing and SJW attacks on free speech have destroyed my respect for Google. Utterly destroyed it. Time to begin the long process of decoupling from Google. Google are censoring authoritarian scum bags.

  • VA-115 KnuckleDragger

    If Dtube gains too much traction then youtube or google willl buy it out and you will be right back in the same situation. I do always appreciate any effort that sticks a finger in the eye of authority, but the Elite will never allow control to be taken from them.

  • Paul N

    Please don’t be naive guys. As soon as the Google machine feels the least bit threatened they will simply buy out the creators of the alternative site and kill it or censor it as well. This has been their strategy to get where they are now.

  • Chuck R

    Steemit/DTube’s password thing is the killer of what might have worked! I signed up a long time ago, and was so overwhelmed by the 52 character password, I forgot to write down my username, so then I tried to start a new account, which might work, since I have another phone they can text another stupid code to, but then I get a message saying my email has been used, and there is absolutely no provision for retrieving my info, period, and I remember reading about this the first time I signed up. Why such a long password? if you signed up everyone on earth, there isn’t that many digits in the 7 billion people of the earth?! If this doesn’t work, and I’m required to give them another email address that I never use, forget it, and I’ll spread the word that this is a bunch of shit, and most likely Steemit is lying about giving other folks your info! There could really be no other reason for all of these hoops!

  • Mark Harris

    So why must D tube and steemit allow people to be payed it crypto currency only. Why cant there be a d tube that pays out in physical gold or silver or even that which im not to thrilled about? Why must the future revolve around cryptocurrency? Who made this law?!!!

  • Jas L Land

    Just tried to watch a Conservative financial video. 12 YouTube commercials in 36 minutes. They are trying to make it unpleasant to watch if they can’t ban it.

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