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  • Nick Sothep

    I guess some people is not ready to accept the esoteric origin of language. It doesn’t really bother me, what is annoying is their pretense to be right.

  • Jordan Duplechin

    Doesn’t this system fall apart when you try to apply it to other languages and the words they have for numbers? The word ‘one’ would add up to 8 but the word ‘uno’ would add up to 9, for example.

  • Professor Pat Pending

    The moon as observed in the southern hemisphere is opposite in the northern hemisphere. Anyone care to write why this is so?

  • Debbra Hill-Frank

    I appreciate/like your work. Thanks you for sharing.
    There is a deeper message in your videos other then that of just numbers/and letters as some comment below. And I should’t even say “just” . Well, then again it is just (justice and balance of the two hemispheres in the temple.
    I get it, and I also get why some don’t.
    Every one is on their own level/path right now. Yet many are on the same page. And I prefer the latter.
    The Vesica Piscis is the beginning, then the seed, then the flower of life. I love using Sacred Geometry in my artwork.
    It has a frequency of its own. Charles Gilchrist does great work and also shares his videos.
    And as Bill Donahue says — Why don’t you DO what Jesus tells you to do—-
    Matthew 6:22
    Let your eye be single, and your whole body will fill with light. ; )

    I am going to purchase one or more of your books. I look forward to reading them whilst in warm house from this cold climate outside this winter. And I’m not talking only about the actual weather. LOL.
    I live in a very small town where there is like a church building (organized religion) on every corner or road.
    Yes, it can be challenging at times. LOL ! I hope more will waken out of their slumber.

    Peace – 1Truthseekeriam

  • Syn Kronos

    Many thanks Marty. Only I hope you can also take note of the significance of “7” and then “8” being completion equal to 1 dimensionally speaking.
    Will keep my eyes open for your publications.

  • northwoods1986

    I can’t tell if serious or a really really good mockery of people making connections where they might not be…

    Breh, r u trollin? 🙂

  • jcadag70

    blessed are those that count .. but this is beyond me 😅
    I was actually looking for confirmation that hermes thrice great/thoth exhaled gold dust in relation to the gold dust phenomenon at bethel and other churches.
    I believe some is of God but heard via carolyn hamlett re aforementioned.. i gasped in shock when i heard it.
    if anyone can point me in the right direction..I’ll cont. my search

  • Jill Macintosh

    okay. A couple of things. one, using miles as a measurement isnt significant… it’s an arbitrary measurement. If things equalled out in meters, I would be more impressed, meters being a measurement divisibly naturally on earth (as it does in the pyramids)

  • Thefaceoftheword

    He wasn’t mythological he is real, what’s mythological are the Theories of NASA the concept that you only have one life to live and there is no life after death.

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