Who Is Nicholas Rockefeller? – Question For Corbett

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We all remember when Aaron Russo gave us his story of getting the inside scoop from Nicholas Rockefeller…but who is Nicholas Rockefeller? James explores this question and answers your queries on Japanese debt, IMFcoin, health care without government, the Bin Laden “confession” and much more in this edition of Questions For Corbett.


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  • Gregory W Trump SS

    He might be the target of assassination if James keeps talking about these Jews. They will probably try to get him in a motorcycle accident.

  • Wayne Johnson

    One of my great, great, great cousins, Lucy Avery, was the grandmother of John D Rockefeller through her son, Dr. William Avery Rockefeller (aka Dr. William Avery Levingston). The Aldrich and Hooker sides of my family also married into the Rockefeller family. John D. Rockerfeller’s father had a dubious reputation, to say the least:

    “Dr. William Levingston is the pseydonym for William Avery Rockefeller who was the father of John Davidson Rockefeller the richest man in America at the turn of the 20th century.

    “Dr. William Levingston” was not a real medical doctor but rather a vendor of proprietary (patent) medicines. He was also a proven bigamist. In fact, that although he did not first get married until the age of 27, by being a bigamist William Avery Rockefeller was able to be married a total of 103 years even though he died at the ripe old age of 96.

    He married, first on Feb 18, 1837 at Niles, NY Eliza Davison.
    He married, second, after 1889, Margaret L Allen.

    Reference: Chernow, Ron. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. New York: Random House, 1998.

    Note: He is buried in the Oak Knoll section of the Oakland Cemetery in Freeport, Illinois.

    Further note: He should be listed in the data base a both William Avery Rockefeller and Dr. William Levingston.

    Family links:
    Godfrey Lewis Rockefeller (1783 – 1857)
    Lucy Avery Rockefeller (1786 – 1867)

    Margaret L Allen Levingston (1835 – 1910)*
    Eliza Davison Rockefeller (1813 – 1889)*

    Lucy Rockefeller Briggs (1838 – 1878)*
    John Davison Rockefeller (1839 – 1937)*
    William Rockefeller (1841 – 1922)*
    Mary Ann Rockefeller Rudd (1843 – 1925)*
    Franklin Rockefeller (1845 – 1917)*

    Melinda Rockefeller Harris (1807 – 1880)*
    Olympia Rockefeller Boughton (1809 – 1893)*
    William Avery Rockefeller (1810 – 1906)
    Norman Rockefeller (1812 – 1905)*
    Sally Ann Rockefeller Humiston (1814 – 1884)*
    Jacob Samuel Rockefeller (1816 – 1892)*
    Egbert Rockefeller (1827 – 1899)*”

  • jenifer divine

    speaking of Bin Laden, what do you make of multiple reports that he was deathly ill, on kidney dialysis, during 9/11,
    and actually passed away shortly thereafter? it is very widely speculated (and rightly so) that the man allegedly killed by
    Obomba’s Seal forces was not him…

  • David Hill

    I remember the original 2004? bin laden tape and felt uncertain it was him back then. Maybe the videos about fat bin laden or ring wearing bin laden reinforced that initial thought, but was relatively certain I believed it was not him or could not be him. Memes- I would be concerned if present teenagers would not be able to speak at all and are limited to communicating by acronyms and emojis. I commonly ban texting and encourage person to person phone calls, but my two teenagers will not use personal phone calls even if they are banned from other forms of electronics. I understand the differences in definitions of types of currency and technology; however, it is easy to see that it will be transformed into the current system, otherwise it would be stopped. In the end crypto’s are still fiat and would not participate in them. I like your relatively modest nature, but would remind you to caution against people’s need to place people where they are not and the person’s consequential change of behavior.

  • Conscious Being

    The correct answer to that question “When will the Japanese government default on its debt?” is NEVER. Japan is a monetary sovereign i.e its Central Bank issues the legal tender of the country. All of Japanese government debt is denominated in its legal tender, Yen. The ONLY way a monetary sovereign can default on debt denominated in its legal tender is if it is stupid and I don’t think the Japanese government is stupid or will ever become stupid. This is true whether the debt is 250% of the GDP or 2 million times the GDP. The only thing that needs to be done to maintain this fiction called sovereign debt of a monetary sovereign is for the Central Bank to own increasingly larger share of the outstanding debt. Regardless of the interest rate (called coupon rate in the case bonds) and the volume of outstanding debt, when a Central Bank of a monetary sovereign holds the sovereign debt, the cost to the sovereign of that debt is zero. This is because all the profits of the Central Bank are credited to the treasury. In other words, whatever interest is paid on the bonds held by the Central Bank comes right back to the treasury as income.

    Japan is a net creditor to the rest of the world because Japan has been a net exporter for over 50 years. Even if some or all of those who received the Japanese government credit default, it still won’t impact the ability of the Japanese government to service its debts or the ability of Japan to continue to extend credit to others, since Japan continues to be a net exporter.

  • Robert D.

    The Jew Aaron Russo and the Jew Alex Jones got together to sell DVD’s. That’s the whole story. Russo was part of Hollywood and knew in advance about 9/11, showing it in his movies. But he decided not to tell people about it ahead of time.

  • Stacy Elam

    Nicolas Rockefeller! Of course! He had prior knowledge of 9/11. This is one person who is known and can be questioned about the attack. Russo said Rockefeller told him about 9/11; that we would be looking in caves for someone who wasn’t there and lots of things that came to pass.

  • sam phi

    14:24 If Aaron is correct that ‘Nick’ told him about 911 before it ‘the event’ did indeed happen, how can you James Corbet say he was not probably privileged to any inside information?

  • Aaron A. Asbury

    James, thank you so much for what you do. I have a two questions.
    If eugenics was/is meant to weed out the less desirable portion of the population why would the elite want/do that? Wouldn’t it make it much easier for them to control the masses if we were all a bunch of physically unfit, dumb/uneducated, drug addicted people?
    I get why “they” would want to build a master race, to develop a world police force. But other than that, what’s the point?

  • XTC S

    I have a question that just pop up. Since Feminism is a Psy-Op, is MGTOW movement also a Psy-Op? Either way, it favors the depopulation agenda. If we have to fight just to exist planet Earth will become even more violent.

  • NewDay2day

    I wonder how many men have the name Rockefeller who are not of the first Rockefeller? He has an impressive resume for being some Joe who just happens to have the same last name as one of the wealthiest, most tyrannical and politically influential families on earth.
    Are you implying Aaron Russo was a liar and his work fake news? It’s irrelevant if he is not a direct descendant of JD because the money and power seeking politically connected families work like a hive of bees- they are all the same blood- and he obviously has access to a Rockefeller Trust in some fashion- he may just be the lawyer, but that is not necessarily so because the International Business article about the Rockvest Development was written by a wordsmith.

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