Saudis to Control World’s First Artificial Intelligence in Future City Neom

Henrik takes a closer look at Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Future Investment Initiative that was held in Riyadh recently. Announced was an ambitious project, the creation of a new futuristic mega metropolis driven by Robots and Artificial Intelligence.

Despite warnings, mankind will move forward to build AI but the question is who will control it? Are we ready to hand over control to those that simply can pay for it?

Saudi Arabia’s push to “modernize” and move away from extremist Islam appears to be a front. The crown prince is most likely seeking these changes in Saudi Arabia for economic reasons, but also to look good in the eyes of Western liberal and Asian investors, entrepreneurs and creative minds that are eager to bring AI to life and build the future.

The Saudis want to be at the forefront of Robotics and Biotechnology and with their massive Sovereign Wealth Fund they will be able to attain technology that will give them a massive advantage over many other countries. Should the Saudis and their allies be in control of the most powerful inventions that the world has ever seen? Many brilliant mind have warned that this new emerging technology is something that is MUCH worse than nuclear weapons.

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  • andy7666

    Nick Bostrom has done some excellent presentations (and written books) on the dangers of AI. It is important that the West creates true AI first, not the Chinese or Arabs who will have few restraints on the development of the technology and the possibly inevitable runaway “boom” in advances an AI could create for itself, and with few restraints on its access to (and so control over) other systems. I really don’t trust them to create an AI that appreciates the value of life and they will only care about the end result – the Arabs will seek little but wealth, the Chinese will want total control, the character of their AI’s would be horrible.

  • Persona nongrata

    Saudi has some of the worst human rights problems in the world. The robot will be treated better than the working class of the region. Haha the flight of the concords ‘Robot song’ springs to mind. “we used poisonous gasses…… To kill their asses. ” haha u gotta laugh. (haven’t you??)

  • Dr. Strangelove

    It’s not true that the crypto kikes sit on the most oil, America has 200 years worth of oil under Alaska alone. The anwar province.

  • Martin Andersson

    Well, when it comes to AI dollfaces, robots, “smart cities” etcetera do not matter one bit, its all rethorics. AI is lots of processing power, lots of connectivity, lots of databases to do datamining in. Google, now thats a threat against human life. Possibly the AI project of the EU and other like that. But this looks more like a way to hoax investors and create some feel-good for the ones involved.

  • TheRaokenx

    The Saudis are doing a lot lately to signal that they aren’t just Islamic savages with oil money.

    “See, we let women drive!”

    “Look at our awesome artificially intelligent cities!”

    It’s all B.S

  • Tophet7

    He wants to unlock Saudi Arabia’s potential, give jobs to the millions of young people (great for maintaining stability), be at the forefront of AI technology (great for future wealth in his eyes), and set Saudi Arabia on a path toward future super-power status. Sounds great… unless you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Orthodox Jew or Evangelical Christian. He’ll ban sex bots though, because he sees his people inheriting the Earth alongside AI.

  • leftovers_

    The way it speaks doesn’t seem like it’s an AI. Sophia speaks like an actress in a Romantic Comedy more than an AI. There are tons of AI chat bots you can go to and the way they craft sentences is pretty distinct. Sophia hasn’t passed the Turing test, so she shouldn’t be able to achieve the performance she exhibits in these clips without scripted language.

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