The Path to Impivaara, an Introduction

This is the first episode of Impivaara, a Finnish concept that Juhana L will explore in a series for Red Ice TV. In order to understand the present state of Finland we need to know what is going on underneath the surface of the culture and how Finland ended up where it is today. In Impivaara you’ll hear about multiculturalism, Karelianism and Finnish folklore. Even geopolitics and sustainability are other areas that Impivaar will highlight.

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    My Brother in law, in Minnesota is a Finnish/American. He kindly corrected me on my saying of the word “Sauna”. It’s Sow Na, unless you want to sound like some faggy Frenchman.

  • Cheshire Pepe Squad

    very cool i’m as far away from Finland as you can get (New Zealand) but it seems like one of the most beautiful countries in the old world with great people.

  • omnimetabell

    Couple notes: Blaring, menacing horns and the monotone Finnish dude are not the soul stirring aesthetic keystones you think they are. I want to learn about Impivaara, the cultures , and the histories you wish to teach. But, before you try please ask yourself this question: is this presentation communicating the historical accounts of a warm culture steeped in an ancient past, or does it evoke a sense of threat from a machete swinging freak, hiding in the woods.

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  • No1important88

    Indigenous finns/karelians are oriental/asiatic, not White/European. Them, estonians, and hungarians come from the east, asia, and they retain their altaic cultural heritage.

  • Culture War!

    I never hear about Finland and Norway. Are they in the same state as Sweden? If not, why….what’s keeping them from the same path?

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