Rivero “US Has Fixed Elections Of 81 Countries Post 1945. There’s No Evidence Of Russian Hacking.”

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  • B R Taylor

    Iv been listening to radio shows for years, i dont watch the TV anymore, Just want to say, iv warmed to your show Richie, because your are good natured, genuine and optimistic. Iv had to stop listening to Alex Jones and some of the other gurus of alternative media because they are slightly depressing, which took its toll on my demeanor and personality after a while.

  • Eddy Chua

    NOT Michael Rivero again! He’s a Die-Hard Super Zionist Trump supporter! No matter what DT had done, Mike still promotes Trump! Please ask him What He Thinks About 2017 AIPAC Meeting and What He Thinks About Alex Jones any Why Zionist Suddenly Becomes Globalist?

  • Sonny Salvador

    I love Richie and I mean it, Rivero is a racist person and I have followed him for many years but never mind that now but I do love Richie because Rivero in that part tried to say the immigrants were to blame for the of the blue red protest in that collage but Richie put a stop to Rivero right there, I fucking love Richie and thats why I have respect for him, here is the thing these racists like Rivero they always try with this tricks with this false manipulative arguments, one must have a sharp ear to pick this stuff up and I hope you all sharpen your ears too because these people are here to divide us, Rivero is just like Alex Jones they use the same manipulative techniques.
    Google is constantly censuring my funny pictures of Trump, I mean they dont even allow me to post pictures and I wonder what Rivero has to say about that, I am sure he doesn’t mind his president gets insulted and if Obama or Hillary would bring in their family members and did what Trump has done these hypocrites would go through the roof, I just cant stand hypocrites and racists and manipulative people while claiming to be righteous.


    Richie you gotta listen to Mike Ravero show one night,the show isn’t like it used to be Mikes gone full Alex Jones,he blamez Muslims for everything and sticks up for Trump at ebery turn

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