Simon Roche – Suidlanders: Preparing for Disaster in South Africa

Simon Roche is Head of the Office of the HQ of the world’s largest non-state civil defence organization, Suidlanders of South Africa. Once an ANC activist, he now works tirelessly to prepare for impending catastrophe in the Rainbow Nation. Simon lives in Johannesburg and is the proud father of many children.

We begin by discussing Simon’s current speaking tour. We learn that he’s traveling throughout America in order to raise awareness about the sore state of affairs in South Africa. Next, Simon tells us about life in post-apartheid South Africa. He explains that, in the 22 years since South Africa become Democratic, there has been a massive explosion in crime – in particular, violence against White farmers. Later, we discuss the nature of White genocide in South Africa, what Suidlanders is doing to prepare for the worst, and why many White South Africans remain oblivious to their plight.

In the members’ hour, we continue our discussion on South Africa and consider what this impending catastrophe would look like. Simon explains that the worst case scenario is the one he most expects, for he believes the government will be involved in the unrest, siding against the Afrikaners. Switching gears, we discuss the economic situation in South Africa. We learn about the various government programs that give preference to blacks, which has many Afrikaners forced to live in squatter camps. Simon then outlines the strategies employed by elites to usher in Communism in formerly healthy societies. The members’ hour concludes with a discussion on the failure of multiculturalism in the Rainbow Nation.

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  • lake fire

    The fucking Jews constantly demonized the white south africans in the media for decades until the point were they are now being killed wholesale while the west remains ignorant ..the whites in SA should never have given over control to these apes

  • Zak Hoskins

    Sure wish I could find details anywhere on their website about where this speaking tour in OKC this weekend is supposed to be. I live about 90 miles away from there, and depending on the weather, I’d like to try to hear this.

  • Lawrence Newman

    All South African whites coming to Europe as refugees would be great potentially. These would be potential anti multiracialism votes.

  • linkes28

    this is why I gave up my South African citizenship. this country disappoints me. it’s a mess, move on white people of South Africa, it’s a lost cause!

  • jamesnewborn32

    The solution is simple in SA- All you white nationalists or Identity people talk about how non-whites are in Europe destroying your “culture” . The reason why is complex but mainly because whites would not do jobs that non-whites would not do when your economies were doing well. Whites in South Africa go back to Holland, France and England. It is not your land. It belongs to Blacks. It was people like Cecil Rhodes, who was a Jewish agent for the Rothchilds , who plundered south Africa. You “WOKE” people are anti-Zionist, right? As Marcus Garvey said “AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS”!!!!. BTW, Africans was converts to Christianity long before Pale skin people. The Vikings were still killing babies when Africa was a Civilized society.

  • Lexi Rae

    I wonder how globalist MSM will spin a Rwanda-style genocide of white Afrikaaners into “black victimization”… they’ve managed to pretend it isn’t happening up until now, but the truth can’t be hidden forever.

  • gjjd

    These people need to leave SA. If we believe in ethnonationalism, we should understand that SA should be for the blacks. Sorry guys, but you don’t belong there.

  • Jack Parsons

    Whites need to break off and form their own state. Build a new settlement surrounded by walls and forts. Raise the Union Jack, Dutch and French flags high.

  • Amron Aaron

    OMG same shit, same shadow gov running the show<0> same thing in Mexico the goal is to kill 95% black white brown they DON’T give a FUCK!!! PLEASE

  • MeebleMeeble

    If the whites are genocided in SA the era of multiculturalism will come to end around the world. No one will be able to argue in favor of multiculturalism for white countries without the SA situation being brought up.

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