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One of the most difficult things to do is to admit that you do not know. For some reason the human mind has a very difficult time admitting that it does not have the answers. After all, the human mind is the means through which knowledge is attained and answers are formulated. To admit that one does not know, is to admit that the mind has failed.
Think about it, what human being wishes to admit that their mind has failed them? I will propose that one of the most common subconscious fears present in the human species is the fear of mental failure. For a human being to admit mental failure is to succumb to and to submit to one of our greatest subconscious fears. This is precisely why so many of us will not admit that we do not know. The point is this, to admit that one does not know something, or that one cannot do something, is the first step towards reaching closer to the knowledge needed to know or do something.
Does this make sense?
Admitting that we do not know something, is one of the primary motivators for the acquisition of knowledge. Admitting that we cannot do something, is one of the primary motivators for the development of the skills needed to do that which we could previously not do. And this is why we must be honest with ourselves and with others about what we actually know and what we can actually do.
Honesty, is the best policy because honesty reveals the truth. The truth reveals what needs to be accepted or changed, what needs to be adjusted or maintained. And therefore, the most important person that we should be honest with is ourselves. But I look at this experience as a test as to what I need to work on in my own life. You see it is not about the neighbors. It is about me.
Dude why is your family still living in that neighborhood?
Because I do not earn enough income to move to a better neighborhood.
What do you need to do to earn more income?
I don’t know.
So recently my wife and I set up a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to move. People from all over the world contributed and we now have over $9000 saved up to move. But after applying to several properties we were rejected because we do not have proper proof of income or a credit history.
Why don’t you have proper proof of income?
Because I am self-employed and I don’t have paystubs. I have also not been responsible with respect to bookkeeping.
What is a solution to this issue?
I don’t know exactly. But I have been proactive by getting my bookkeeping in order. I researched bookkeeping online and I got started with the process. I even setup an online quickbooks account to help me to complete this important task. It is my hope that proper booking keeping will put me on course to ultimately solve the problem of proof of income. I am also thinking about turning my business into an LLC and I do have a part time job offer that I can take if necessary.
Why don’t you have a credit history?
I do not have a credit history because my wife and I live a frugal lifestyle and we only spend on what we need. We do not have any credit cards or credit card debt.
Well what about your rental history?
We have lived at our current residence for 7 years and the owner has written a letter to show that we have never been late on rent. We lived at our previous residence for 6 years and the owner of that property has written a letter to show that we have never been late on rent.
I can go on and on and on about our financial situation and our challenges to find a renter who would be willing to rent to us but the point of all of this is that our inability to find a new residence has inspired me to deal with the fact that I don’t know enough about the process of moving my family to a better neighborhood. Admitting that I don’t know has initialized a much-needed transformation process with respect to personal finance, bookkeeping, business, taxes, credit, and potential homeownership. Admitting that I don’t know has caused me to study these important areas of life and it is my belief that the knowledge that I acquire during these challenging times will put me in a better position to provide for my family in the future. This is the power of I don’t know.

Believing that one already knows it all is a major deterrent to the internal motivation present in us all to seek knowledge, to learn, to study, and to develop answers to questions and solutions to problems. It is ok to say I don’t know. It is ok to admit that you cannot do something right now. Admitting the truth sets you on course to acquiring the knowledge needed to move beyond your current situation. And this is precisely what I am learning, doing, and living right now. My name is Lenon Honor and I send you much love, peace, and positivity.


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