CNN Caught Red Handed Hoaxing The Narrative Of President Donald Trump Protests

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the latest anti President protests and how CNN was caught red handed faking interviews with their camera guy to set the narrative of the protests. Many protestors are more anti government and anti Donald Trump then they are pro Hillary Clinton but you would not know that watching CNN. Support us on

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  • admin6231985

    I know the Trump Supporters want to believe the protests are faked. They
    love any kind of conspiracy theory and eat that stuff up. But this is real
    and they’re just getting started.

  • Gabriel Labard

    Stupid People Thinking they are so intelligent coming up with conspiracy
    theories hahaha… Start doubting yourself too maybe you are a product of
    some alien 😀😀😀 First u doubt the Voting system till u won n now this
    fuck Donald trump from India .

  • DeSiReSs NeSs

    Trump supporters could be being built up for a massive injustice that they
    may have planned to occur all along; to bring about violent rebellion. I
    swear they are deliberately messing with your minds and emotions. Those
    that supported Trump and what he portrayed himself to be (constitutional
    patriot) are the kind of people deemed domestic terrorists and a threat to
    the NWO. Don’t be surprised when we soon hear it being said about Trump and
    his supporters on mainstream; that many still do watch and believe.

    They absolutely would not allow something like this to occur if they wasn’t
    in control, nor would they simply bow down if they did momentarily lost
    control somehow. Everything that has happened and will happen is by design
    and so this “victory?” I think, isn’t at all what it seems and I reckon
    it’s designed to be short lived. People are not taking anywhere near
    seriously enough the reality of what or who they are up against (Wickedness
    in high places and dark forces that rule over this world).

  • Dakota Blackstone

    This is how you ban CNN…don’t watch, read or subscribe to CNN. it’s a
    corporation that relies on viewers. No viewers, no money.

  • Global McBlimp

    CNN should just change their name to SJW, what a ridiculously dishonest
    propaganda apparatus, only the completely ignorant human could buy the crap
    they sell daily!

  • Carl Capps

    CNN NBC and a blatantly biased coverage did accomplish something some of us
    woke up and never again will we be persuaded by these clowns.

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