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  • marta stewart

    We just avoided WW3 with Russia. Soros has vowed not to give up. We tore up
    the social contract. No more Bush Clinton neo con legacy funded by Soros.

  • marta stewart

    We keep voting for the least evil. We want limited government because we
    know it is evil. Liberals tell us how grand it is and we know it is all
    lies. Just enforce the existing immigration laws, take away their welfare,
    and go after sanctuary cities.

  • Tambara Lilly

    What most are failing obismaly to realise is that the ‘Electoral College ‘
    is yet to vote on the 11th of Dec and 166 delegates get the chance to
    change there minds. Hillary may yet be president. Know body is talking
    about this dire possibility at all

  • Jeremy Bentham

    Trump was only allowed to be the Republican candidate because he is no
    different, it may have been he was not the first choice, but still an
    approved brand. He was sold as an alternative but it’s just Coke or Pepsi,
    same shit different label.

    I would suggest that this was also a good sampling opportunity, to judge
    dissatisfaction levels and by putting Trump out on a limb they were able to
    gauge how far and at what speed they can push things, while also assessing
    what route to take and what buttons to press.
    TPP may be dead but do you not think this also will be rebranded and sold
    as a new improved product, couched in different language to appeal to the
    people, in line with the new demographic data obtained.

    I would put money on no real change, no real investigation and while
    relations with Russia may possibly improve and the approach to Syria may
    change a new bogey man is just sitting in the wings ready to be rolled out.

  • les havell

    yo …. I have a bad feeling that the trump presidency will mean that Iran
    will be subject to a war without any support from Russia or China …. I
    hope I’m wrong ….. but Russia and China didn’t stop the wars in Iraq
    /Libya / Syria / Yemen ….etc ……

  • jan wright

    My opinion on what’s going on:- NWO is making it’s final bid for total
    control.1) Just about every possible divide amongst the people has been
    activated. 2) There is chaos in all societies, as prescribed. 3) All are
    living in fear ref: finance, lack of housing, lack of health care, lack of
    real education, food additives and GMOs, Planet X, WW3, collapse of
    America, collapse of the EU, terrorism etc. etc. etc. Too much at once for
    it to be chance. This is the end of life as we know it.

  • daveflick12

    There is lots of british unemployed brickies. lets build a wall on the
    boarders of europe. let all them on that side brick themselves up on the
    otherside too..

  • slantyrock

    Voting isn’t pointless, if it was pointless then it would mean people who
    would not have voted for Trump could have voted for Clinton, and then
    America would be FUCKED. So in some cases, voting does matter.

    Trump has also has a hold of congress and the supreme court. There will be
    some changes for the better, and at the least, things will not get worse
    because of SJW faggots trying to pass crazy laws.

    Also, the first caller was a complete idiot.

  • octavia

    Thanks Richie, love your shows, good work so lets keep it going!
    And thanks also, I went to see Dominic Frisby because of your show which
    was great and took my mind off the elections for a short while. I went with
    a woman I met at the David Icke show in June in London, also thanks to you.
    Cheers mate! 😃

  • jan wright

    PS – I am 64 at Christmas, I follow politics on line like a hawk, have done
    all my adult life and I comment all the time for which I get some pretty
    foul replies!

  • Nelson Strazza

    boo hoo! crybabies the Trumpiteers voted the democratic way just like the
    17.400+ million Brexiteers, oh look the £ just soared on the markets!!! am
    done listening to you moaners, you’re breathing aren’t? well stop moaning
    and get on with the realities, honestly poor show Ritchie 🙁 ) thank
    goodness for Pat :-)

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