Your Children Are Being Programmed

Swat team Lego. Cashless monopoly. Barbie’s new credit card. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the social engineers figured out long ago that the best time to condition the public is when they’re young and impressionable. But nahhhhh, that’s probably just a load of rich, creamery butter. (And knowing is half the battle!)


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  • Morrisopolous

    A primary school teacher I know, allowed the kids to bring in games the day before they broke up for Easter. One game they all played was credit card monopoly…

  • brad maguire

    Zionism free Mason’s, it’s all Aleister Crowley, black magick programming. they don’t need lsd to mkultra our youth when we accept violence, drugs and sex as acceptable topics to expose children to, just so they understand how the world works, more like how our adult world works, that we are force feeding down childrens throats, as if that prepares them for a reality that ironically would cease to exist if we stopped allowing and participating in corrupting children with our negative consequences. meanwhile these European fake “Jew” scumbags have free reign to steal children, abuse them and never be punished for their crimes, because who’s going to question the helpless pedos when we accept nambla or when we make excuses for individuals that fetishize underage sex with children as a legitimate preference instead of a psychological problem with the Individual.

  • pusan

    Take a look at the last episode of this season’s Frankie and Grace. See who is ok to picket and who is not, and who accidentally spills on someone but gets demonized and who gets to throw a cup of water. Not to mention the blatant ugly stereotyping. It is everywhere.

  • Ethical Anarchism Articulated

    i was in Ross the other day and saw a GI Joe with a backpack, video screen, and radio… and a predator drone with deployable missiles. those do nothing but make more terrorists and kill mainly the women and children the “targets” are around. i mean, jesus…

  • resemblelife

    Those clips are painful to watch. I’m amazed anyone still has a television. It should be called torturevision

  • Bill Goode

    I wouldn’t worry about the programming nearly so much as the drugging of our children. Psychiatric drugging of children is a far greater concern than worrying about Leggo & digital Monopoly.

  • shubus

    Argh! Glad to have escaped this tyrannical onslaught of the police state, cashless society, ad nauseum by moving to Podunk, in a poor unnamed country in Central America where I can live out the few remaining years of my life without worrying about being caught up in this morass of indoctrinational programming! I used to get so depressed hearing about what James, describes.

  • BeautifulGirlByDana

    How come your Fukushima update website is nothing but nuclear spin and spin doctors James , why did you set up a site to manipulate people James . How come you never even covered Fukushima 6th anniversary , how come you demonized everyone who was concerned James , don,t think people will forget you James I,ll make sure they never forget you . You had no right to do that to the victims and your followers James you sold everyone out and your despicable site and your silence is proof , lets be very clear your future is people screaming traitor at you forever . .

  • alpha centauri

    The spawn are being programmed to worship at the altar of eternal “growth”, which in this world means consumption.
    The most important number in this world is their credit score.
    These young herd animals are viewed as little engines of growth, whose ideal state is to be in debt and submissive to authoritarian institutions.

  • J_Kill24

    How the hell are u supposed to pull off the heist of the century and rob the monopoly bank or make back room negotiations over ur shitty properties with dumb players for their railroads. No dissent children just play how ur told to no creativity.

  • Ano Nony

    just look at crime drama on us television. they constantly break the rules for “the right reasons” and always come out clean on the other side, always getting the right person. it’s programming through and through

  • uroshavalon

    No way James. All they want is peace, prosperity and beautiful life for the citizens. If you don’t agree Swat will come and kill you. More than social engineering smells to me as a social extermination.

  • Christian Roberts

    James, maybe the endless fight against control mechanisms and psyops is a way to burden you and keep you away from the idea that… none of this is in your control. Maybe they don’t want you to see that God is in control.

  • B Mcginnis

    That’s why you keep your kids away from that shit.. throw out your tvs and control their internet usage. Hard to argue about the cashless game though. Most people don’t use cash anymore and use nothing but cards. It is convenient.

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