Will Fracking Make England Uninhabitable? Ian R Crane

Will Fracking Make England Uninhabitable? Ian R Crane

Ian R Crane www.ianrcrane.com
Working for oil companies in a senior role ended when he saw first hand US special forces had set alight oil derricks and killed the people guarding them in Kuwait during the first gulf war.
Broadcasting from a caravan inside the permanent base camp of the anti-fracking movement,
We get a frightening revelation that it’s now more expensive to buy bottled water then it is to get petrol,
And an even worse thought, what is the price going to be when gas exploration of this nature contaminates the water tables and rivers everyone needs to survive?
A mass propaganda campaign to distract people from the terror of reality and coming calamity is well underway and taking many forms,
From the TV you watch to the drugs you’re prescribed from your doctor, almost everything in the modern world we’ve been trained to accept is merely the product of and servant to a shadowy elite that seek to destroy humanity and everything that is good about it.

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