World On Edge During Latest Major Political Storm

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Trumps latest moves, major geopolitical storms brewing, tree-hugging hippies getting screwed by the state as well as all the other important news that happened this week.

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  • The Golden Scorpion

    Thanks Luke!
    The evil zionist corrupted bankers & corporations Shadow gov’t elite! Has been pushing for WW3$$$!

  • Alien Hunter

    Statue of limitation shouldn’t exist, but also, even more reidiculus is the so called Bail! bail shouldn’t exist period! Rand Paul went to the hospital with many broken ribs and the guy who did it, just walk free because he has money to pay the bail!

  • Sativarg Millinious

    RE: tree hugging Hippies… LOL
    Hay I resenble that remarK, so go hug a tree and bless Earth as you would be blessed Humanity?
    Oh yea I endorse this video whole heartedly.

  • Thinker101

    Didn’t trump sell those F15’s along with 115 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia about 5 months ago just when they were losing the war?
    Coincidence? I think not. Trump is staying quiet because he’s compliant with it.

  • Loomis

    Only thing I disagree with was the part about the yellow Stone park. It was probably a better idea to sell the land to “loggers” probably a land management company. Tree hugging hippies wouldn’t know how to manage a healthy forest. Their definition of a healthy forest is a forest for their enjoyment. No interests of implementing silvicultural practices

  • Tadej Furlanič

    Something BIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG is brewing, no doubt about it. In the last years since 911 we saw several middle eastern countries face restructuring, then there was the takeover of erdogan in turkey, after that there was the US election bonanza, around the same time went quite unnoticed but there was also something afoot in Israel with Netanyahu, now its a purge in Saudi arabia.

    Sure smells like the chessboard for ww3 is really getting setup.

  • Alex Prefers His Boner Broth Jew Flavored

    FUCK ISRAEL! A bunch of FAKE JEWS that do nothing but spread FAKE NEWS!!! Americans are waking up more n more to who their real enemy is…ISRAEL and ZIONISM!!!

  • Ginger Cash

    Try lots of False Flags after a bunch of pedophiles and their bank accounts have been confiscated and taken to jail and or killed. The money from these S.A. Princes has cut of finances for Deep State Drug Dealing & Human Trafficing & Racketeering & Money Laundering. Does that fit into your narrative any where? Also for the first time now in S.A. they are going to let women participate in some sport. That was announced after the Princes & Prime Ministers were arrested. Oh, yes, they are killing off some of these people and going to get more info re Deep State Actors around the Globe.

  • DJTripleThreat78

    Luke, when are you going to realize that the Saudi royal family are actually a jewish family? This is why they get along with Israel and why they attacked us on 9/11. It was so that they would use the US to attack/control Iraq and Syria for the purpose of putting an oil pipeline into Europe.

  • Nosie Worlda

    So why won’t the UN move against these countries US, Saudi, etc yet they move fast when it comes to US sanctions against other countries

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