You Are Powerful And We Are Winning



You are weak! You are powerless! You don’t control your own life!…is what the powers-that-shouldn’t-be want you to believe. In reality, the thing they are most afraid of is you discovering your own power and taking control of your life. And as a new study shows, even a small number of alternative, non-mainstream sources can redirect the national conversation. So why aren’t we using this power to our advantage and setting a new agenda for humanity? The choice is ours. Please support The Corbett Report and the other independent outlets that are helping to do just that.


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  • John Smithwick

    It only took 3 % of the people who were living here in the usa at the time to rise up and run the Britts out of this country

  • EddieBee83

    Great video James, the american people especially, need reassurance that we have the final authority in our own lives.  Edward Bernays would be proud of this mass mind control thats been going on for who knows how long, but we are breaking free.

  • Aaron A. Asbury

    Thank you James. I have thought this for years. Not only do they inundate us with one disasterous story after another to keep us deflected from truth. They also take the truth and bombard us with so much information from every perceivable angle, that it is virtually impossible to”really” know the whole truth. Then people get frustrated and just avoid trying to figure anything out. I believe this is why so many people believe the MSM, and our government, of course the official narrative…right? I think if folks took the time to be patient, methodical, and listen to the MSM they would realize just how bad the wool has been pulled over their eyes. If people would just be diligent, we could force the msm to give us information we could trust. Am I wrong?
    James Corbett, thanks for all you do. You might be a small part of the truth. But, not everyone’s is trustworthy.

  • John Everett

    Now that Our Mother Gaia is fully conscious from Her Fall, She asks that all Her Children Focus: Her Fairies of Healing will not come out to play while Her Little Ones are screaming in their basements🍄💖😈💖 God bless you James Corbin!

  • Sir FarSide

    The illusion that Humans are powerless started during the creation of Religion yet the awakening of Humanity is upon us and as we grow stronger and more unified, the aristocratic banking and corporate elites behind our control for millennia, are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain control. Things are about to get much worse before they ever get better.

  • getreal155

    Good one. The majority of people to whom I talk to about these subjects say ” I leave it because I can’t do any thing about it anyway” And like you say, this is definitely not true at all.

  • Charlie :/

    You’ve always been precise factual and evidencial as oppose to loud obnoxious and fantastical(like many other youtubers)
    For these reasons I’ve always considered you dangerous to the opposition.
    Keep it up, the good work that is.

  • Phoenix EyeFist

    When’s the last time any one of you have mobilized on the streets – calling for change? When’s the last time any one of you ever thought deep, about any solution to our global and planetary decay?
    I can say none of you had done real squat – especially you, Corbett. All you’ve been doing is hanging around the Internet – that’s not ‘winning’? Have you suggested taking legal action against Google and Facebook? Mass media? Government? I don’t think so.

  • marcelino guel

    The New World Order is over 5,000 years old. Ancient occult practices, witchcraft, and satanic ritual abuse were rebuked by Christ, and today the same forces he stood in opposition of are hindering our true potential and understanding of our worth/value. It is not a religious thing but when the descendants of the children of Lucifer, ba’al worshipping, still push their agenda, then what is it.

  • Mandelbulb

    #Newworldnextweek. Do a piece on 4chan Q anon. Saudi arabia in wonderland. Hillary in wonderland? One side of the triangle fallen. SA =+++. Rotchschild ++, Soros +. Snowwhite/snowden. Wizards and warlocks (se movie Snowden)no such agency, chicago tribunal spy vs spy, cia db names 7 dwarwes. Who really runs north korea?And Vault8, mossad hack kaspersky, cia impersonification capability. Nsa leaked hacktool, pirated office actually trojaned? False positive? Why the agenda, speculation.Also since ur in japan. Is Fullford really connected to yakuza, are they anti elite? Do white dragon society exist?

  • one3y3jack

    You’re an awesome dude! Thanks for your work. Please research flat earth and report on what you find. Earth is not spinning!

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