No-Go Zones, Bombs & Rape: Swedish Police Helpless …Unless Swedes Break the Law

Sweden is slowly descending into a civil war and the police is helpless …or so it seems. A recent flash mob in Gothenburg by the Nordic Resistance Movement shows a very different police force than the one that claim its unable to keep crime at bay in the 60 no-go zones in Sweden.

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  • Jack Daniels

    The police can’t deal with the situation? Then send in the military!
    The military can’t deal with the situation?
    Then create a paramilitary force made up of volunteer white nationalists. I’m sure you’ll have thousands of men, full of testosterone, who will be more than happy about helping get rid of the no go zones and all the migrants in them–on way or another.

    Where there’s a will there’s a way.

  • VioletPine22

    Great info Henrik. I can’t wait for Sweden to take back their country. This garbage can’t last. Revolt now why you still can.

  • HipsterChipster

    I guess the Swedes are just not your people Henrik. I expect you’ll have to rediscover a tribal allegiance with a considerably smaller subset. #notall

  • Pounding That Libtard Tookus

    If the police are against you, they are your enemy. The government and the invaders are clearly against you. So it is clear the Swedish men in mass must reject the system with force.

  • Tbass323

    The invasion of Europe has been planned for a very, very long time. The hidden hands are now waiting for the next step: civil war all over Europe. Read between the lines, see the unseen, make the invisible visible, listen to your gut. It’s a manuscript playing out in front of your eyes…

  • Jen Smithe

    Swedish men start burning things and start beating the shit out of these uniformed traitors and the police will leave you alone.

  • Andre Linoge

    Swedes need to riot, burn down some shit. It’s obvious peaceful protests will be met with forcefulness. The migrants are violent and don’t take orders and that’s why they run things there now. Sad place, very pathetic.

  • Splint

    Apart from the national socialist bit (no matter what, it seems that viewpoint will be forever tainted,) seems like all they did was a small, justified protest march that consisted of the usual slogans and flags being waved around; didn’t see any fires, doesn’t seem like anyone was hurt or killed… I mean I get the police being worried about property damage given what happened here stateside a few months back, but that response was just a _bit_ much.

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