Sean Hannity Slams Roy Moore, Wikileaks Espionage In The DM’s?

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Sean Hannity slamming Roy Moore, wikileaks personal dm’s being released with Donald Trump jr, the latest scandel news with George Takei, Juss Apatow, Rose McGowan, as well as George H.W Bush plus a lot more

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  • James Tyrell

    I wonder why the (((media))) is so focused and “concerned” about a white Christian republican, but not so much about the HUGE numbers of Jews that have ADMITTED to sexual assault….

  • Lucas Kazama

    I’m sorry. I really think rapist and molester people should pay for their crimes.
    But consider someone a demon because he had some *consensual* relationship with a girl that happened to be underage for the law of the country is just stupid. I grow up seeing stupid girls really forcing something to guys with money, cars or power.
    Assume these are just “innocent” people who have no control over their thoughts is just stupid.

    Let me tell you about Brazil. Here in Brazil any crime committed before the age of 18 is not punished. The teenager can go to jail but will be out when he does 18, meaning no punishment whatsoever. Period. This created a *mass rage* among people, especially because we live in a country where Death occur much more than other countries, so most part of the country just wants to decrease the age to receive punishment. The only thing that doesn’t make it law, it’s politicians that don’t really represent the voice of the people.
    Drugs, Robbery, killing, vote, *relationships* , all of that. Considering that someone from 15 to 18 doesn’t know what they were doing is just stupid. Of course, stay away from it, I’m not advocating you should pursue it, the trouble is not worth it, but common, let’s have some common sense here.

    But again, I really think rapist and molester people who abuse somehow of women in ANY AGE should be high punished.

  • MustafaHolyWarrior

    Luke the difference between Weinstein and Spacey, and Moore is that Weinstein and Spacey confirmed the allegations. Moore denied the accusations so that’s why I’m waiting for more evidence

  • frank rizzo

    Everybody knew Harvey Weinstein rape girls bro it’s not really the same thing you have to be smart enough to know that why are you being genuinely dishonest

  • Waco Glenn

    Weinstein claims have evidence that others lack. Spacey couldn’t deny the claims against him. Takei has all but admitted his. Don’t conflate the different situations. I wouldn’t be quick to rule out that some of these recent claims are false.

  • D N

    I called this!! I commented about it on one of your videos months back possib may 17′.. Connecting Wikileaks wiretap release collaborating with Trump wiretap Wikileaks Assange canceled a big “announcement” late Sept 2016. I called this precisely with all dates connecting timelines.. as a comment on a past video of yours. Now we have Kushner in contact with wiki in Sept 2016…..Very interesting.

  • Vicky Basham

    all of this is Donald Trump’s fault all this crap has been going on way before Donald Trump. he can’t do adamn thing because of Congress and all the idiots, that all these other idiots put in there like trying to put killary Clinton the devil crabs you know what take the blame game and shove it

  • MI5 Handled

    There’s a huge group in the UK that have been fighting crimes of child sex abuse & murder since the 60’s. Even now the authorities (police included) hide & deny. It’s vast.

  • Furd Felmer

    Luke, in your “list” of who is “‘covering up” ALL this sexual “predator” activity…going on for decades, you left out a HUGE group, RELIGIOUS leaders and preachers….ALL of the ‘christian” STINK…hmmm, wonder why you would NOT mention these maggots.

    A brief list of these past scumbags : (to refresh everyone’s memory)
    Jim Bakker, Kent Hovind, Robert Tilton, Billy James Hargis, Peter Popoff,George Alan Rekers , Gilbert Deya , Tony Alamo , Morris Cerullo, Mike Warnke,W. V. Grant, Bob Moorehead, Roy Clements, John Paulk, Paul Crouch, Douglas Goodman, Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes, Lonnie Latham, Gilbert Deya, Earl Paulk, Coy Privette,….and the list goes on, and on, and on.

    Strange, not a single, BIG news story about a ‘rabbi’ or islamic cleric, buddhist monk , or ANY other “religious leader found GUILTY, of massive sexual ABUSES, and financial FRAUD…like there have been in the US among the “christian” CULT.
    Stranger still, all those on YOUR list, as well as the clintons, the obamas, the bushs, AND TRUMP…all identify themselves as “chistians”…hmmmm, very strange.

    Gee, one could assume YOU have a “motive” for NOT mentioning…the “christian connection”.
    Maybe, this explains why you WON’T mention the “christian” connection….

    Libertarian=Tea Potty= Koch= John BIRCH CULT= Christian nazi’s (same as Zionists) & Corporate, Globalist Fascism= Totalitarian RULE= Orwellian1984.

    So, Luke…are YOU a LibratARYAN ?

  • mountainsmithy

    I pay attention to the trends. For example, when an organic trend starts regarding a scandal, with even a famous person, there will be like 10K tweets in like 20-30 minutes. I didn’t even know who Roy Moore was. But he got nearly 500K tweets in like 20 minutes, which tells me it’s an inorganic contrived event, regardless of what he’s done. Don’t absolve him, but it points out that it was something the deep state wanted to trend.

    Also, the stepson of Beverly Young Nelson (one of Roy’s accusers) made a video stating that his mother in law is lying. Plus, she has lawyered up with Gloria ALLRED, who for all intents and purposes is a deep state minion. But take a look at the man’s video for yourself and behold:

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