The Dirty Deep State

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down how the New York Observer is serving as a mouthpiece for the Dirty Deep State and the NSA by spreading Fake News about Trump and the Kremlin.

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  • mary thomson

    Right Trump doing what those other asshole are doing iam the easter bunny there is no way Trump got this far with out being outted a long long time ago. What they are going through to blacken
    A seeming good man shady in building bus. maybe . Thats it.

  • Roger Stancill

    You waste our time with rubbish? ! ! Lousy story man, lousy story.
    Without barking too much, I’ll simply say, ‘you can do better than this’.

  • TheAmazingJimmy

    It came out in court that Epstein had 14 phone numbers for Trump in his “little black book” of clients, Trump also partied with Epstein and said he had the same admiration for young women and he’s flown on Epstein’s “Lolita Airlines” and one of the sexually abused underage women is from Trump’s Mar-A-Largo.
    It’s not that far fetched.

  • alex andoven

    Jason Dumbass Bermas is hard to listen to or watch, making its nearly impossible to pay attention. Plus he’s so partisan…. WTF is happening to this once great channel?

  • Real Sunny Rosario

    I read that book. James goes in on Epstein only to extent your gramma hit you with a wood spoon for taking a dinner roll without tongs.

  • Tim Kuhner

    Seriously, we will never make it to AI. We will kill ourselves with the technology we have today, before we ever finish developing AI.

  • christopher kennedy

    Nothing is 100% secure. That is just a flat fact.
    That being said, EVERYTHING is 100% compromised.
    Different levels of risk give rise to the field of “risk assessment” which is why folks in the insurance industry will pretty much always make money.
    If it ‘could’ to be determined that there were a means by which material could be managed securely at 100% efficiency, then every insurance company would become instantly bankrupt.
    That also makes it easy to say, “Insurance companies” and other “security agencies” RELY on the truth of the existence of this lack of security. If it weren’t so, they’d all be out of a job.
    So then, is it therefore safe to determine that because of security measures and agents there exists insecurities; and are these insecurities related proportionally?
    I believe there is an higher order of consciousness that exists beyond the bounds of the flawed reality in which man toils.

  • Dave Andrew

    Whilst it’s easy to make a fairly convincing fake video, it’s also fairly easy to debunk using competent analysts. My simply rule is don’t believe something unless they actually show you evidence where you can then analyse it and make your own decision. So for example, if a tape of trump is released to the media but we aren’t given direct access to it and no charges are bought against Trump, you can be pretty sure it’s fake. I personally can’t see them trying this because if it led to Trump being taken to court, he’d have the legal right to have the original source analysed. They wouldn’t risk being exposed like this as it would backfire massively.

  • quinton guidry

    : I’m definately no fan of “Ronald Joffrey Chump”.

    But, you’re right ! The current state of tech can make it th@ “real” can NOT be distinguished from “fake”.

  • TheTruthNothinMore

    Mark Epstein under oath claimed that Donald Trump was a regular on the Lolita Express. That said there is no evidence from the flight logs that Trump ever flew on the Lolita Express. Trump was very good friends with Epstein however.

  • German Carrasco

    A sex scandal? I knew Jason Bermas was making this video. He says “he doesn’t believe this story is true” but he reports it…
    Sex scandals only distract people from political substance.

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