Am I a “White Supremacist?”

If you agree with any of these points, you might be a White supremacist.

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About The Author


  • Corpus Innominata

    Why can’t Richard Spencer say these things at his university campus speeches? I vote for Lana to be his speech writer. The media would be left with absolutely nothing to work with.

  • Roxy W

    Well, over the past several years, I’ve heard so much hatred toward White people, it’s forced me to see all of the non-White races. I now believe that White people are superior to all non-Whites in every way. So, thank you non-Whites for forcing me to see the truth. I’d never thought about it before.

  • Emil Phoryew

    I’ll take a white pizza, made with white dough, white eggplant, white asparagus and have with it a drink of white tea and white powder milk. Don’t forget the crackers! Did you get my order white? It’s the White supremacist diet! If it isn’t white, it isn’t light, then it isn’t right.

  • Hank Bukowski

    I guess it’s finally official then: I must be an evil, racially bigoted , White Male in possession of the most vile and hateful, European , red-blooded heart fueled from my Mighty Irish Ancestry and all that it means and speaks to me and through me and finally in me. as every other sovereign human person living a life within this arena! Whomever refuses to accept this natural law as Cannon for everyone breathing air into their lungs no matter the paint job peculiar to them, you are not welcome here anytime.

  • Daryl Trawick

    One that is tired of the jew controlling our money, food, land, gov. military, water, who and what we let in our country…………………

  • Sam Crafter

    I bet if 4chan was throwing around flyers saying “it’s OK to be a pedophile” it would be totally fine with these mindless masses. And compared to: “it’s OK TO BE WHITE” they’ll go NO WAY IN HELL OVER MY DEAD BODY!… It’s disgusting.

  • A KALB

    If you’re proud of your heritage that makes you a white supremacist? Too bad! White Nationalists are just sick and tired of being second class citizens in their own countries. Stand up and be loud and proud. That’s what I have taught my 3 adult daughters.

  • Antony G

    Dictionary definition of White supremacy is wrong. The meaning of any word depends on how they are actually used in popular culture. In reality, a large component of the White supremacy definition is a hatred of the Jews and/or the admiration of the Nazis.

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