Why We Should Be FREAKED OUT About Amazon, Al Franken Investigates Self

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on the Al Franken KABC anchor scandal, Amazon along with Jeff Bezo’s becoming the most powerful entities in the world, Twitter censorship of baked Alaska, important financial news plus a lot more.

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  • h8myX2

    People today don’t even know how great a prophet Frank Zappa really was. Luke when referring to the Middle East just say Israel please you don’t have to say US & Israel, we are subscribed to you so we already know.

  • Paul Smith

    Amazon brick n mortar stores coming to a place near all soon. No cash needed, just your biometrics. Walk in , grab the food you need and simply scan your retina or chip implant. Only 2 employees needed, 1 to assist and 1 to keep the peace and security (rumour has it the latter will be a robot w high tech weapons)🤤🤖 Tongue n cheek but seriously creepy changes coming it seems.

  • Harry Balzak

    Remember, MSM never reports anything that isn’t part of the thought manipulation. Be weary of any story they are pushing.

  • septemberrain78

    Luke, what do you think about the cryptocurrencies right now. I heard that Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are trying to get rid of the us dollar through crypto. 💜 all you do, you are appreciated 😎

  • theguyinthere

    look i aint the best person but when it comes down to it some people should be murdered for the good of humanity like the rich just saying

  • Hal Pecher

    While we’re on the Frank Zappa quotes,”Politics is the entertainment wing of the military industrial complex.”Thanks Luke and Frank.

  • vibration positive one love

    Nice work everyone. Stay strong. Memetic warfare is basically changing the zeitguist or whatever and together we defeat this with our minds. Your mind is your weapon. Stay strong. We have the numbers to tip this thing. It’s been tipping for some time…shits starting to fall apart. Don’t let them recreate it. You create it. With me…. Hold the image strong. Pray frequently. Its working.

  • Meta Vinci

    Don’t forget Amazon will get about 20% of that pentagon budget through their premiums. Furthering a one vendor market to control, monitor and evaluate your every purchase. I will never buy groceries from Amaon Hole Foods

  • Ethercruiser1

    The US, Israel & Gulf States are criminal in what they did in Syria (& are still doing elsewhere). It’s also unbelievable that Congress would use taxpayer dollars to pay off & silence people they sexually abused. The fact that this was even allowed shows over 50% in Congress are sexual abusers or enablers of abusers… SICKO!! Powerful technocratic monopolies wth political agendas need to be broken up. The government should not be subsidizing individual corporations or businesses… UNFAIR BUSINESS PRACTICES!! Also: it is an interesting insight (& perhaps true) that AI will benefit only the top 1% while everyone else suffers!!

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