Jesus Has Improved My Health 10X

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  • Streets Rawest

    To the unbeliever the testimony of Christ is foolishness, it doesn’t matter what Chris tried to do to convince the skeptics that he is actually a follower of Christ. Following Christ is not popular in this godless and wicked generation so that goes against the idea that he’s simply doing it to pander. They will keep slamming him saying he’s only doing it for the money and poking fun at his attempt to fund his operation. May people never be so harsh on them in their personal lives, It take a strong individual to put up with all this toxicity on YouTube and continue to try to fight the good fight in the face of such disgusting opposition who are supposed to be on your side. People stay subscribed simply to continue to criticize and slander, pathetic . Just leave and find another channel that suits your intellectual needs, simple as that.

  • James Donald

    Whether appropriate or not, that passage is at the beginning of the movie, “Nixon.” I like Matthew 18:19, in the words of Christ, “I tell you this – if two of you agree down here on earth concerning anything you ask for, my Father in heaven will do it for you.”

  • Joshua Jones

    All bs to the side not a fan of asking for money but if you look at the facts it’s not free to run this and to report. I like what they have to say so it’s worth it and if it’s big deal I won’t donate. The censorship is coming though so if you like people and channels like this one I say toss couple dollars at em F it… This talk is str8 TRUTH! GOOD JOB. #WEDONOTCONCENT

  • virgil dolph

    Love listening to you since your seeing the light of the world. Stay strong and when the spiritual crises hits remember “It is impossible to please God without faith”. When He sets you down to teach you to walk, that can be a very trying tine. Just remember all the things He showed you while He was carrying you and get up and walk in faith. It is He who gives each man a measure of faith. Remember and use it.

  • The Dude

    Thank you so much for your testimonies Chris, Jesus taught us to not care for materialistic things – but look where we are today. We are so fallen and I thank you for exposing this wicked generation.

  • simon goodings

    Yes we call it black magic when you give your soul over you get instant reward. direct quotes but the people who killed jesus are the same people who wrote the bible no doubt printed by the same media who give us our media now eat your meat drink your wine and go worship a false idol you worship the devil 100% you make hollywood a reality

  • ThisIsTheEnd - Christi

    Awesome, brother! Praise the LORD! Be watchful and stay in the Word because a satanic attack IS coming. No one warned me about this, and I ended up backsliding for 10 years because of it. Demons will craftily weasel their way in by deceiving you into thinking a little bit of sin is ok. NO AMOUNT OF SIN IS OK! God bless you, Christopher!

  • Jack Daniels

    Christopher, dig this. In Proverbs 27:20 it says “The eyes of mankind are never satisfied” Doesn’t that seem to be the case todays with phones?

  • Justin Welsh

    I’m the same way. People are terrified of what is over the horizon with North Korea and China. All this evil in the world today. Simply validates my beliefs and faith. The good book is spot on ! There is no way that everything going on in this world to day. Is simply a coincidence with the Bible. I feel comfort in all of this. Because I know that there is eternal life after death. That’s why I don’t fear death. I’m not ready to go today. But I’m not afraid in one bit. I look forward to game day. I’m going to fight the good fight. Good verses evil. I hope to take out as much evil as I can. Before I take a round to the chest. I know after that were to happen. I’m catching a free ride off this rock that’s floating in space. A rock that is infested with evil. I’m right with God. I’ll give my life to protect my family. All is good in my eyes. If that makes any sense. Great video by the way. God bless you and your family

  • Bonnie'n no Clyde

    I bet you don’t drop this”fund me” though…didn’t Jesus say let go of material things” equipment” let go of money too? let go of everything to follow him? this is why I get confused over people like you. get a regular blasphemy God by preaching while asking for 5000$ a day!!! let go of greed!! you are mocking people and I am calling you out on it!!!!!

  • TotalTruth .ca
    Reply Here is an excellent on line book on how Jesus does improve all lives…excellent read…It is called The Ministry of Healing and it is a best seller…hope you all find hope in its pages…God bless you Christopher and all those who are looking to Jesus for help and hope in this dark world

  • Jon Duncan

    LET’S PRAYS GOD ALMIGHTY, I to have great heath from LORD JESUS, I was born with the ambilic cord around my throat 3 times, on fire at 4yrs old,with 3 and 4th degree burns on chest arms and, so many times he has saved me seance thru out my life, and for such a time as these…Glory to Father God almighty, and his Son JESUS Christ, who died for all how know and clam his Love…..

  • Nicholas Storey

    How you’ve managed to obtain 500k subs is just mind boggling. Truly. I mean.. I’m subbed. But that’s just to read the comments. Lol.

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