The Canadian Economy Is Doomed! – Experts Say Canada Is On The Verge of A Major Financial Crisis

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about a recent development published by the Financial Post regarding something we at WAM have spoken about for years. Canada is on the verge of a MAJOR financial crisis!
As the Liberal government accumulates more debt in their first year than Harper did in 8, it’s important to break down exactly why that is.
According to Trading Economics, the data for debt to GDP hasn’t been reported since December 2015. The credit to GDP shows alarming numbers as well, but there’s no saying exactly how deep in debt Canada currently is.
However, the spending vs quantitative easing shows that Canada is on a fast track towards a socialist death spiral, spinning out of control at a rate that beats nearly every other country in the world.
While Finance Minister Bill Morneau shows himself to be unable to understand the most basic of economics, something we at WAM saw first hand when we confronted him on Canada selling off all of the remaining gold, it’s more than likely that Canada’s monetary system is being controlled by globalist counterparts at the UN and through the global central banking system.
In this video John Sneisen breaks down how Canada’s economy is in an epic crisis and how the dollar will eventually crash, leaving fundamentals off the table due to the level of manipulation in both the monetary system and the markets.

We will continue to report on this as it develops. Stay tuned!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Thore Stub Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Scruffy Dapperton

    so they can create the North American Union & usher in the Amereuro or whatever the fuxk those globalist nationalist statist cult members want~

  • leftslayer

    Mr T has more gold around his neck than Canada has in it’s vault .. good video and Goodluck with your book…

  • Maria Gee

    Jihaddist Justin just spent 200 million to fund abortion/kill babies abroad and in Canada, 2.6 Billion for Climate change which doesn’t exist. and 840 million to fund terrorists in Syria under humanitarian pretense with our tax dollars.

  • Charles H

    I, for some reason, always thought Canada, while socialist, still had their act together. But – if everyone is entitled to everything – then I guess this is what you end up with. Good luck you two.

  • IFX Music

    would love to sit down and pick both your minds in regards to taxation. im in winnipeg, so if you and john ever want to grab a coffee at Timmies just shoot me a message to exchange contact info so we can hook up. ✌

  • jerry sontoro

    this is the same situation we went through here in the states around 2005 2006, when ppl were ignoring the bubble

  • Old white guy

    My food and ammo will be worth more than your useless gold if things go the way you keep harping on about. What good will it be when there’s nothing to buy? Yes, I know you only answer your friends comments.

  • Linda Fukuyu

    Exactly !  Even here in the US, they (Globalists) keep saying that Gold has no value !!  Because they want people to start selling their gold .. and when the price drop .. they’re the one who snap the gold.  It’s a winner for them. So, keep your precious metals .. just in case of the economic collapses.  Prepare for some cash, food, water, power (energy, etc), sanitation, flash light, etc.  When the economy collapses, there will be civil unrest everywhere especially in big cities.

  • jay blair

    Google ADNAN SAKLI Fed Reserve I.D. 8217 & 8216 Feb 14 , 2013 Washington DC PRIME Directive DEMAND letter . Adnan Sakli is the OWNER of the BIS .

  • jay blair

    Adnan was denied access to his accounts but Bush Sr. , Brady & James Baker III . I invite your comments on the DEMAND letter .

  • Chemtrailed Canadian

    We have a lot of gold in this country. I live in a province that has mined it for many a decade. The libtard provincial govt makes it so hard to get new or even older existing mines up and running then they claim the land and sell the surface mining rights to foreign corps. Why wouldnt this govt be making deals with the gold miners and taking gold in lieu of a percentage of taxes. I do not want to end up like Venezuela. The US would see a massive influx of Canadians running from starvation. I hope if this takes place, that people demand Justine be tried for crimes against this country.

  • j Smiley

    we the people should be able run are own country we pay for the bull shit government that over powers us the people that are a corporation
    you ever play the game bull shit with cards well you would win against
    justin trdeau every time hes just full of shit the Canadian people
    should be running this country instead of some scumbag that give hims
    self time off and fucks goats

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