Gold Spikes As Dollar Crash Looms – If You’re Not Protected What Are You Waiting For?

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The crash of the dollar is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. In the face of these troubling times many people are wisely diversifying their portfolios but what are the best ways that one can ensure an outcome that will result in guaranteed gains? I mean we all understand it — buy low, sell high. But it’s easier said than done. What if you buy low and then it goes lower? What if you buy low and it never goes back up? And what is “it” exactly? Food? Stocks? Bitcoin? Bonds? Gold? Silver? With gold and silver, you can’t really lose, it’s been money for thousands of years. Of course, mining the precious metal doesn’t always make sense. When it costs more to mine than the end-product is currently worth, there’s no financial incentive. Which makes Keith Neumeyer’s story ideal for people looking to buy low and sell high. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Keith Neumeyer of First Mining Finance about the importance of holding gold and silver as a store of value and how one can secure these assets at the lowest possible prices as Keith has done time and time again leaving behind him a perfect track record of buying precious metals at the most opportune time.

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    Dow 29000 then the dollar will go parabolic and just vanish into thin air from which it came from ..bitcoin or fedcoinwill be the new digital reserve currency

  • Stive Rosen

    Trump already announced a one world currency coming soon while in china. But trump skips the trigger words and uses instead descriptive terms like level playing field. Trump did same when he announced the mark of the beast but used descriptive words like personal biometric identity with out ss # involved yet more secure etc. Dont be left in dark needing trigger words like beast or mark etc to discern whats being announced.

  • ashamed of canadians ignorance

    Right on Dan. Metals are the ONLY store of value and if it’s not physical and held in your hand…it will be stolen from you. People from Asia are laughing their asses off at North Americans who have been duped into thinking otherwise. Just as one example…ask anyone from the Philippines what is real money.
    Gold prices are manipulated low so that Russia, China, India could afford to build up vast stockpiles needed to become world dominant super powers….at the expense of brain dead western government bankster puppets like canada who are accomplices in the theft of the entire reserve supply. It was our gold…not theirs…and now its gone. With no gold reserves and total foreign ownership of the countries resources…canadas criminal govt has guaranteed the enslavement of its ignorant populace.

  • Mr.Uncensored

    Gold down 9$ today. What kind of crack are you smoking? Btw: I made a video on gold like a year ago that shows it has an almost 1 to 1 relationship with oil. I know there are other factors like currency value, but the price of oil and gold are intimately linked

  • White Master Mariner

    The only way to protect yourself is as ones first priority to get out of debt.
    Second priority is to get your homestead set up and stay debt free so you can provide for yourself.
    During the 1930’s those that had a farm and no debt got by.
    Those with debt lost everything and had a very hard time of it.

    Investing in sharks like your guest is strictly for those that are already so far in debt it is hopeless for them. If you are $1 million is debt, might as well go $2 million in debt as one has no hope of ever paying it off anyway.

    Crytos ? I have to laugh every time I hear that. FIAT currencies and crytos are just variations of the same thing as neither are backed by anything.

    Metals ? Who has much in the way of savings to buy much in the way of metals ?

    The answer ? I will say it again – get out of debt then get your homestead set up and stay debt free.

  • What If?

    So when the economy collapses and I have grown a garden full of beautiful vegetables, I will swap the fruits of my labour for USELESS GOLD?! The ONLY TRUE currency in this reality is knowledge and action, the rest is just superfluous. I’d value PRACTICAL items over bling any day. Skills, Drugs, Weapons, Bullets, Seeds, Nails and Screws ETC. THINK! The next catastrophe could take us to the place where we need these items. I’m not even talking about natural disasters either. I have a feeling in my gut the next TRUE fuck-up will be man made.

  • John Sandstrom

    Why? Why the bs headline when the markets haven’t crashed, gold is under $1300, dollar down half of one percent etc. stop playing chicken little. I get so sick of the “crash happening now”
    Stories that are always bullshit.

  • BruceBlitzHasTits

    i have been a bullion stacker for years. i decided to sell my bullion for ethereum and made a killing. now i diversify my cryptos in other cryptos like IOTA. i have never made more money in my life. bullion is a great store of value that is proven for centuries but cryptos are superior.

    if i choose i can transfer my cryptos back to bullion at any time. if i choose to do so i would probably go with 1oz gold coins. i see no need to do that now so i continue to stack cryptos! GO IOTA!!!!

  • Michael S

    I’ve been watching the impending “crash” for over twenty-five years now.
    Christian fundamentalists apparently love this “impending crash” as it tends to validate their rather juvenile interpretation of the Book of Revelation. Jack Van Impe has beaten that horse. Bill Cooper gave it numerous whacks. Alex Jones has destroyed the diaphragms of no less than three Nuemann microphones due to his vain slobbering of just how imminent this alleged shit-storm is.
    It’s a god-damned fiction, that’s what it is.

  • Whatever Happens Happens!

    What Bullshit!
    The Government owns your gold and they will take it from you the instance you need it.
    All your doing is buying and selling gold for the Government.

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