#NotMyPresident? Take the #ClintonPledge!

SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=20438

Do you have the sinking feeling that democracy is not what it’s cracked up to be? Do you insist that Trump is #NotMyPresident? Well don’t despair, get active. Take the #ClintonPledge, and pass it along to your friends. It may not be as scary as you think.


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  • Butcher

    Wasn’t going to vote this time around but when everyone of the
    establishment hacks hated Trump. I figured what the hell…

  • Respect it makes sense

    was getting a bit dizzy with all them hand movements James. slow down
    buddy! spot on again, truly high standard of information as per usual.

  • ohlrichluke

    Hey I was with her, I’m here watching. Been a long time viewer, I take your
    Clinton pledge. Nothing crazy is going to happen.

  • Traditional Asset

    …OR, if you are American (and even if you are not) you could take the
    time to read and understand our Constitution…The Supreme Law that clearly
    defines the electoral process…And come to the realization that NO WHERE
    in that body of work does it indicate that we live in a direct democracy.
    It clearly defines a representative REPUBLIC. The Republic does not permit
    a minority of States to dictate governing policy over the majority.

  • Robert Educate

    I think about this kind of thing all the time. Thank you for pointing out
    so eloquently the finer points of this illogical madness called democracy.

  • John B.

    The other day RT said Enda Kenny (Ireland) was the defense minister. Last I
    heard he was the PM. I didn’t know. As it happens he’s both, I haven’t paid
    the blindest bit of attention for years. Got so fed up with it years ago I
    decided to ignore it. Best thing I did.

  • Peck Proctor

    People need to read the constitution and research why the electoral college
    is in place and stop down playing it because there is a reason it’s in
    place. I may not agree with it but it stops parties from making party loyal
    cities which would lead to civil war between parties.

  • Rob Thadumas

    i think they vote in Japan too, don’t they, James?…..Watch and see what a
    difference a new and better President can make in a country and in the

  • Todd Essary

    I took the #ClintonPledge (a long time ago). The ruling class is not
    legitimate. Presidential politics is a distraction.

  • typheran1

    Hopefully Trump fulfills his pledge and has a special investigator look
    into her and indict her. The evidence that they have released is clear. I
    can’t even imagine what they haven’t shown us.

  • Jacob Sabat

    Voting has never been tried in the USA in at least the past 50 years.

    When was the last time that at least 80% of the electorate were
    well-informed, free of misinformation and disinformation, AND gave their
    time, energy, talents and resources to the political process to make sure
    that only the most Loving and most Wise among us become our public servants?

    There are 330 million people in the USA.

    The number of eligible voters is 222 million (the electorate).

    69 million (31%) are between 18-34 yo (the youth).

    In the 2016 primary, a total of 61 million (27% of the electorate) turned
    out to vote. Only 4 million youth (6% of the youth electorate).

    In the 2016 general election, a total of 131 million (56% of the
    electorate) came out to vote. Only 24 million youth (35% of the youth

    60,981,118 (27.4% of the electorate) voted for Hillary.
    60,350,241 (27.1% of the electorate) voted for Trump.

    46% of eligible 18-24 yo are not registered to vote.

    37% of eligible people with incomes under $30,000 are not registered to

    The USA is a progressive nation. It is the low turnout that makes it seem
    that it is not.

    Progressive types, like the youth, the artists, the musicians, and the
    spiritual people, are failing to turn out in full force. And the ones who
    are voting are not well-informed and so they waste their vote by not voting
    for the most progressive candidate on the ballot.

    If even only 80% of the progressives ever decide to invest the time and
    energy to be well-informed and get actively involved in the political
    process, it would be enough to overcome any election rigging and ensure
    that we had a progressive President, at least a 2/3 progressive Senate, at
    least a 2/3 progressive House, and a majority progressive Supreme Court.

  • Colour Ghost (Colourghost)


  • Mike Thompson

    James, ?? you can be a tad patronizing, perhaps it’s an unrealistic belief
    in the inherent good in humanity ? Have you got a magic wand that can make
    the system go… poof.. and disappear and we can all wake up in love and
    caring land ?

  • innerlocus

    Being controlled is the feeling I’m getting, watching the greatest
    confidence scam money can buy. Nothing will change, the rich get richer
    while our Rights and income wither away.

  • Robert Rodgers

    the system needs updating, and they won’t change it until the public
    creates a stink about it,then they’ll try and ignore you

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