#SyriaStrikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far

TRANSCRIPT AND COMMENTS: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=22411

We’re now 72 hours into the post-Syria Strikes world and the dust is beginning to settle on the crazy events of last week. I hope you’ve been following all the latest information in the comments section of The Corbett Report’s own open source investigation as The Corbett Report community has been doing yeoman’s work in assembling and collating all the data streaming forth from the newsfeeds. But in case you haven’t been following the developments this weekend let’s just go over what we know, what we don’t yet know, and what we can read in the tea leaves about what is to come.


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  • Aaron Johnson

    The Russians love to talk a big battle but compared to the us military and strike force they would be overwhelmed

  • Jase W/ SideFX

    59 bombs that had to be used up, I’m sure they have a Use By Date. They ain’t cheap either.
    The world would still be in the exact same Shitty position if Clinton had won, I mean Selected. Trump talks like a nine year old and her voice sounds like fingernails down a blackboard.

  • Art Christianson

    Great job. This has been the most informative and objective analysis so far.
    I would like to add that the phrase ” theatre of war” is literally being manifested. Quite fantastically the mind control is being broadcast with high amplitude. This to me means we are heading to war. Ive been screaming about this iceberg and now we have impacted it. This is the point were the privileged are quietly warned and the rest are left to fend for themselves. We should just do that, fend for ourselves…

  • tumbak

    what a charade! the Sh’ierat Airport (مطار الشعيرات) that was ‘supposedly’ obliterated has resumed its operations and bombings of civilians in less than 24 hours! I guess those 56 tomehawks are not that accurate after all.

  • LukasFragas

    You say that chemical attack “wasnt made by the Assad” – like you know something we dont, but you have not pointed anyone who did it. So how do you know that chemicall atack was made by someone else if you have no proof to confirm it?

  • Alaric Holmes

    While you and I probably overlap by about 25-30% of the time, I appreciate your outside the box and counter-establishment attitude and approach. I have thought since the beginning that it was some kind of false flag (by whom exactly, I wasn’t sure) but an accident that was spun to get us more directly involved makes more sense in a way. Very interesting — and terrible and sad and depressingly avoidable, etc., etc.

    Thanks for the vid!

  • W.I.P. 57

    Take also in consideration the massive military build up of US and UK weapons and personnel in north eastern Jordan and in Beirut. And the joint exersises of Israeli, Catari,Italian and Greek forces in Greece as well of military exersises in the Golan heights. Invasion imminent?

  • orangeedo

    Months of media saying Trump is weak and working with the Russians was wiped out. Trump reacts to fake attack with his own fake attack. He’s toeing a clever line… for now at least.


    No doubt the Muddy Media will mix something. This story reminds me, somewhat symbolically of the scene in Catch 22 when John Voigt makes a deal with the German airforce to bomb his own base so they will buy the Egyptian cotton he bought that became devalued in the market.


  • Larry Mattila

    Missiles had a “use by date”. “Neocon Trump”… ewww that hurt. Everybody here is briefly tolerant of everybody else; ‘cept the anarchists, God Bless ’em.

  • Rich Quebas

    if it’s true that this was all theater than its a brilliant chess move. it means Trump and Putin actually worked together to undermine the media and liberals claims that Russia and Trump were in collusion to tip the election. That narrative is now dead, ironically forcing the two leaders to actually collude with each other! I was basically propaganda against the administration’s enemies instead of the propaganda being ran against the public.

  • Linda Madeira

    …let’s not take our eyes off North Korea.
    NK is a sitting duck for nuclear annihilation by those diabolical psychopaths at the top of the Zionist Pyramid.
    Who would be insane enough to retaliate?
    It’ll be game over, welcome to the New World Order, or surface life on earth over.

  • Azza Paterson

    .maybe Trump should fire some nukes into Syria and it’s neighbours to sort them out altogether, duck Vladimir Putin, he’s an arrogant cunt just like Trump, I can’t see what positive changes or advances Syria’s President Assad is doing to bring down ISIS, let’s not forget that Aleppo, Syria has been the ancestral stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood for decades. The poor citizens in Aleppo can’t do a fucken thing to change this strict Sharia Law ruled region.

  • Amino

    The whole thing is a charade and all parties involved are in fact fulfilling roles to foment Albert Pike’s finale and the establishment of the One World System. There is just too much inconsistency, contradiction and illogical strategy on all sides for it to be genuine. Russia and America have been getting along fine in the post war years and the Cold War was phony in order to perpetuate fear, corral the masses and feed the MIC. The cancerous global banking system has infected every quarter of the globe and all are answerable to this omnipresent maleficence.

    Assad and Syria are far too secular to be a convincing enemy in the final battle between Islam and Christianity thus his rule must come to an end for Syria to descend into chaos just as in Iraq, Libya and Yemen. I believe we are witnessing the end game moves by the Judeo Satanic Cabalists who will dramatically reduce the global population, as per the Guidestones, through myriad methods whilst they wait it out in their DUMB’s. Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Assad et al are all initiates and brethren of this ancient, mystical order and this will eventually be revealed.

  • funfang

    Well its underpinned oil for a bit anyway…

    Price of oil keeps dropping despite opec controls, oil being found everywhere while alternative energies ramping up, cant have that..attack somewhere with an oil economy and prices run to the upside, cant do it with N korea but Syria they can and is the door to Iran etc.

    Get on with the global doomsday please, otherwise its all just wargames and BS as per usual, which i believe it always has been since cuban crisis and possibly before too.

  • the51project

    If you visit the BBC News site right now, you will see this headline story about the G7 nations: “ALLIES SEEK UNITY ON SYRIA AND RUSSIA” – The last time the word ALLIES was used was during WW2 or Koreaan War. PROPAGANDA preparing the public for ritual slaughter. Damn these people.

  • babaloo42

    It was a one off just like I said. The reason we told the Russians is because it’s a fake war. If we wanted to invade Syria we would have by now…. and no, it had nothing to do with people speaking out. They can manufacture a consensus if they really need one. All you alt media types can say is America wants war with Syria and Russia, but it ain’t happening. It’s not happening because that’s not what is desired. What “they” want is openly global government under the UN, and to do that they need to convince the world the we would be better off if all nations had an equal seat at the table and no super powers with veto votes. So “they” (()) who run our country make the US LOOK like global jerks on purpose. Meanwhile our “they” and Russia’s “they” are working together. It looks fake because it is fake. Also (they) want to flood white nations with brown refugees. This”war” has certainly done that.

  • Étienne de La Boétie

    You forgot the INF treaty and that the Russians said support for Assad was “not unconditional,” and that we now know which leaders around the world think about toppling Assad, for and against.

    The Trump administration has torn down everything. It’s not a matter of whose a puppet of whom. The chaos in the NSC and coordinating big long term policies has set several bureaucracies in different directions and this is what we get. The neocons have a few positions, nationalists have a few, and globalists have a few. Some of these people are Obama people with domestic and foreign agendas.

    McMaster is the one to look at. McMaster and Bannon are in conflict. Corbett needs to delve deeper than “Trump’s a puppet of the neocons.” Something serious went down behind the scenes to cause their policy 180; it was not the chemical event. Corbett seems to have no idea what is going on inside the bureaucracies. Look at it this way:

    Trump’s NSC:

    Flynn and Bannon in; JCS and ODNI out

    Flynn out

    McMaster in (Susan Rice, former NSAdv., says “get rid of Bannon”)

    Bannon/McMaster compete of staffing hires – Bannon defends Flynn’s staff

    Bannon out; CIA, ODNI, JCS, UN Amb, and Dept. of Energy in (highly unusual, yet Susan Rice praises)

    Chemical weapons event

    Reaction from Trump base: FALSE FLAG or WE CAN’T THINK AT ALL, TRUMP IS DEUS.

    Reaction from MSM: Horrible atrocity, we must do something!

    Syrian strike

    ISIS, Hillary Clinton, McCain, neocons, Obama administration praise
    McMaster and Haley push regime change as stage two, after ISIS

    Rumors of 150k troops

    Remember, Don Trump Jr. and Flynn’s son referred to pizzagate. Bannon is a wild card; I think he wants to befriend Russia.

  • gigi lucian

    How does Israel get away with it? ‘OPERATION TALPIOT’ https://www.isolatebutpreserve.blogspot.com. That is how they rule. “KILL SWITCH” implants in key countries infrastructure. To understand globalist zionist power and how it rule from Israel, you must understand these words – ‘OPERATION TALPIOT’ AND “THE TECHNION” and you will have the severt to Israel’s success. Israel is simply The Military Policing Camp In The City of London. Bankers in Frankfurt & Zurick. That is their HARM! PM BI BI has the keys to the “Gun Cabinet” the INTEL CHIP. Australian WORLD’S National Security Issue – ISRAELI SPYING! Google – OPERATION TALPIOT;

  • Julie Rutkowski

    we have been conquered…we are captured and under guard in our everyday lives as we serve the owners/conquerers …its obvious…if you open your eyes for a minute or two…

  • Mitchell Bupp

    The trap was set and Trump was …. well… trumped and punked with a false flag and now he must play ball or be exposed for attacking under a false flag = impeachment under
    neo-globalist Congress.

  • Richard Wilson

    I’m honestly looking for the safest place on the planet regarding potential for nuclear irradiation. Within reason – some people recommend Australia.

  • Bart Hamburg

    the gas attack itself was fake as hell. Just look at the pictures. all the fake First Responders don’t have gloves or anything on their hands and some of them aren’t even wearing masks. That would not happen with a sarin gas attack. not to mention you can catch shots of people smiling . more bad crisis acting

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