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  • royce davis

    Josh Sigurdson: A voice of wisdom. Speaking about Jews. There are Jews of the Tribe of Judah, which we see in the majority in the little strip of land called ‘Israel’ today. Then, there are those who call themselves Jews but are not of the House of Judah; instead they are Ashkenazi’s who have taken over the world banking system, who own the Federal Reserve Bank in the usa. This is not to say that those who rule the little state of Israel are not evil just as those who rule in Canada and the usa are of the house of satan. On big noses; large, narrow noses were indicators of those of aristocracy in Europe and other 1st-world countries many years ago. The flat, wide nostrils were always marks associated with the ‘ape’ genealogy. Just as the ‘five-eyes’ nations are being attacked by all other racial-makeup nations, so too the lie of appearances is being forced upon nations like sweden, canada, australia (can’t capitalize due to the fact these nations soon will become non-nations), where plain dark brown in skin color, hair color, eye color and scent is being falsely promoted as ‘colors’. Grossly horrific in that people actually allow this type of mind control

  • D.I.V.E

    the whole shit will crash…mother nature has had enough of all the bullshit…everyone will get what they deserve…if you’ve been a good boy or or if you’ve been a bad boy…this won’t end well for a lot of people. p.s i dont trust bitcoin, i dont trust anybody…all you bitcoin freaks out there you are just the new wave of mindless zombies

  • D.I.V.E

    yeah people arem oving away from the central banks and in to bitcoin..but what the fuck is bitcoin? nobody even knows who created it…lol it’s a trap….it’s a god damn trap and it’s the most obvious one…dont give away your economic freedoms…are you crazy

  • Calvin Denali

    Do you ever talk about Manitoban & Freeman of the land Dean Clifford..? You should REALLY try to get an interview with him!! Lives near Gimli if memory serves me right…

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