Guillaume Durocher – Trump Victory: Impact on America & Europe

Guillaume Durocher is a French political writer and historian. He has lived in many European countries and worked in politics and journalism. He writes for several Alt-Right publications, including The Occidental Observer, Counter-Currents, and Radix.

We begin by discussing the results of the recent election. Guillaume compares Trump’s victory to Brexit, for the mainstream media – through its polls and pundits – failed to accurately predict either. We discuss what this means for not only America, but the West as a whole. Guillaume explains that the American nation-state is now run by a wildcard, and that if Trump drastically alters the course of America, Europe will follow suit. We then discuss Guillaume’s background, including how he became a nationalist. We learn that he was originally an anti-war liberal; questioning the EU, however, led him to then realize the importance of having homogeneous nation-states. The first hour also explores the ongoing culture war in the West, the Jewish community’s response to the Trump phenomenon, and the origins of our current plight.

The members’ hour begins with a consideration of technology. We discuss how the internet has allowed for alternative media to loosen the mainstream media’s control over culture and information. Guillaume correctly points out that Trump, through his condemnation of the mainstream media, has furthered this effect. We then switch gears to consider the big picture. Guillaume argues that it’s okay for those of us in the Alt-Right to disagree about the ideal form of government; what matters, though, is that whichever system we adopt exist solely for the benefit of our people. Guillaume then makes a case for the inclusion of genetics into policymaking decisions, which leads to a discussion on the massive population boom now underway in the third world. The members’ hour also covers the need for willpower and determination, the vulgarization of Western culture, and the tribal nature of fascism.

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  • barting man

    For all those years you have been doing this.. I expected more from you..
    more in-depth research.. what about Spirit Cooking.. what about the Jesuit
    ball.. after the 3rd Tv Debate.. did you not hear trump calling for a one
    world government… what about A.I. quantum computers.. what about the
    Mandella effect.. and the Simpsons.. want to know the future just watch the

  • The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    Trump isn’t controlled opposition… He has to cuck to the Establishment
    somewhat if he wants to get things done (i.e. Priebus and accepting a fence
    on some portions of the border). In regards to 9/11, A LOT of entities were
    involved (Saudis, Wall Street, Israel, our gov., governments of NATO,
    etc…). Unfortunately, if it ever came out that it was a false-flag,
    people would lose faith in the system and it could possibly spark a civil
    war and economic collapse… it would be more harmful than it is good, so
    I’m assuming it will never get exposed. I’m assuming Trump has some dirt on
    these people and they know that if they killed him, he has a contingency
    plan to expose them. All he will really do is take their influence away–
    no more wars for (((Wall Street))) and no more arming terrorists like ISIS.

  • Pernila Gustafsson

    So much for their hate campaign yet Trump WON even with all the lies and

    Did you hear about the “Lego” saga? LEGO The Danish
    plastic kids/adults block building toy have fallen for a extreme left
    wing group complaining about the Newspaper in England called the “Daily
    Mail” about it giving away freebies and advertising with them. So a SJW
    complained direct to Lego and on facebook saying the newspaper was hate
    filled and xenophobic because of Brexit.

    They have also tried these block blackmailing with The Daily Express and
    The Sun newspapers. Stop advertising or they will as usual threats.

    The Irony is that the Daily Mail readers are more likely to buy the
    expensive Lego for their kids and grandchildren so they have just shot
    themselves in the foot for Christmas! These SJW’s THEY never buy
    plastic Lego being dangerous bricks to them and Capitalistic toys!

    People need to know about this cowardly LEGO company and stop buying from
    them let the SJW’S finance them NOT haha.

    Conservatives need to boycott Lego and let them know if they cow-tow to
    these communistic SJW pansy groups and lump all readers of the Daily
    Mail as Nazi’s then they wont be getting our money. Oh and the person
    who complained despite saying he buys Lego his group is a planned attack
    on getting advertisers to pull away from any group they think is
    Righter then them he and his group are fraudsters and Lego fell for it.
    Fraud as are all his SJW’S FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK!

    The left wing media jumped on the bandwagon!

    Lego’s profits can now crumble never buy the bricks again.


    Merkel center right? no commie jew trader need to be treated as such
    incareserated. like hillery needs to be if Thair was equal justice.

  • spwkarlsson

    L@VE – Will the United States Universal Love of “Free Stuff” Finally be Put
    to an End with a Successful Implementation of National Capitalism in
    ..Leaving Europe to Culturally Recuperate from the UN Petrodollar Scheme
    and Disband of its Orders of Caliphatic Marauders?
    [Entrusting Less of this Re-Nationalisation Process to Foreign Interest
    Assets than to Its Own, Slightly Tarnished but Still Ever So Accountable,
    Domestic Expertise?..]
    – MK Cryptocaliphatization

  • Will Strong

    Alternative Media’s worship of Putin and Trump is strange.

    People are willing to throw out every negative, overlook every Zionist
    connection, because they want to believe so badly in the Hope and Change.

    If that’s you, don’t be insulted, just keep your eyes open, and use your

    Voting our way out of this problem, is a pipe dream.

  • E fifty

    Ron Paul pointed out the ability of Trump to make a real change will be his
    ability to keep the shadow government out without them squirming there way
    into positions of power in the whitehouse.

    There is 38 Czar positions in the in the whitehouse if Trump is a man of
    change he will reduce the number of positions drastically. Bill Clinton
    increased these positions from 2 to 8 then Bush Jr increased those 8 to 33
    then Obama increased it to 38.

    If Trump doesn’t cut these then he is ultimately being controlled and will
    just be another neocon.

  • Fernando Ribeiro

    2 options (is there any other?): Or Trump is a controlled opposition or…
    is a dead man, like JFK. Do you really think, people who did French
    Revolution, and all the subsequent conflicts that we know, UNTIL NOW, the
    same people who owns the Central Banks all over the world, will go ‘to
    Church and confess their sins’? … I think we leave in a danger Global
    Truman Show.

  • EllinasEthnikistis

    here is a scenario for you guys – we all agree that the trend in Europe is
    going to the right, the right is more ethnocentric therefore less likely to
    go along with globalism and Zionism. what better than a white billionaire
    who will be respected by future right wing governments of Europe but still
    friendly enough to the Jews to do their bidding. is trump’s election just a
    case of the Jews and globalists being one step ahead? would love your
    p.s. – not saying this is what I believe but the thought came to me while
    listening to this interview

  • Wulfhart B

    I am a working class American. we took a stand and elected Trump. We do not
    want to lose any more of our freedom for hippie believes. PC has near
    killed the American dream. Our government works for us, we do not work for
    them. No more catering to the minority.

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