John Lash – Eight Unifying Points for Truth Seekers & Knowledge Holders

John Lash is a self-educated, free-lance scholar with an interest in mythology, magic, and religion. He is a pioneer of directive mythology, the application of myth to life. John runs and is the author of The Seeker’s Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero – Manhood and Power, Quest for the Zodiac, and Not in His Image.

Our show opens with a discussion on truth seeking. We differentiate between ultimate and conditional truth, the former being an ultimate realization, whereas the latter is defined as the truth about a particular event or topic. We then attempt to outline a set of criteria for truth-seekers, that is, the enlightened consensus on a number of salient issues: Jewish influence, Holocaust revisionism, White genocide, Cultural Marxism, Communism, and much more. We consider how humanity’s base desires and inclinations can be directed toward the realization of our divine, superhuman nature. This show also covers the true nature of wisdom, religious experience, and how the truth cannot remain hidden indefinitely.

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  • J. Smith

    Please upvote this.

    15:40 – brief discussion of two kinds of truth, conditional and ultimate
    18:00 – Point 1: The JQ
    26:30 – Point 2: The Holohoax
    29:28 – Point 3: The Hitler Hoax
    35:40 – Point 4: White Genocide
    42:06 – Point 5: Anthropogenic Global Warming
    43:20 – Point 6: No gays, only two genders.
    50:17 – Point 7: Cultural Marxism, Communism, all jewish movements
    52:58 – Point 8: Summary Point: JQ, Communism as jewish plot

  • Maxwell Smart

    Red Ice telling the truth about Jews.

    John Lash telling the truth about Jews.

    How times have changed.

    Except neither one confirms that Hitler and National Socialism were

    Not pagans, not (Jewish) gnostics – CHRISTIANS!!!

    The only real Nazis are Christians.

    Not like Jew agents like Weev and Anglin.


  • Ionian

    So, the Nazis were not Marxists? Even Hitler himself accepted he was using
    Marxism. The Nazis were not the problem? Why did they kill so many white
    people then? Why did they support the muslims? Why were they allied with
    theJapanese? They commited the biggest White on white crime and then they
    delivered Europe to become a slave to non European powers. They were so
    criminal, short shighted, egotistic, opiate pill popping. motherfuckers.
    That´s what nazi were.

  • Beaument

    Concerning “EXCELLENCE” – I’d even more root for the term “IDEALISM” as a
    bonding value. Idealism as opposed to “MATERIALISM” which is the
    predominating and world-formatting key-feature of (((them))).

  • Vaga Bond

    Learn to love your hate against your enemies, it will give you the victory.
    Fight without guilt and stupid rules, made up by your enemy to slaughter
    you. Free your mind from the programming, then live and fight to the death
    like a free man, a true aryan warrior. Great interview. War !

  • John Mccart

    Coke, Burgers, Fries: synthetic foods and Hollywood culture
    generally……….The fodder of the people………and they love it.
    Meanwhile for the 1% it’s caviar, truffles and private jets.

  • Katie Brown

    John Lash says motherhood is the “messy” part of a woman’s life and the
    best part of her life is when the children are gone. Notice John does NOT
    have children nor a wife, just a harem.

  • Bangjo Unchained

    Regardless of the unknowing members of the tribe that are being used as a
    proxy wall for the Zadokites, because of the immense damage, carnage, and
    rubble that is the fruit of their activities, along with the celebratory
    attitude taken in destroying the goyim, I have no compassion for them

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