Putin Threatens US With Retaliation & Force Following Strikes On Syria

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the latest on this disturbing developing story regarding the US face-off with Russia.
Remember when Trump during the election said that Obama and Hillary were cheerleaders for you know who (we can’t mention their name without being demonetized) due to their actions in Syria and Libya? Well, now Trump is doing that very thing he criticized, though one may say the deep state more significantly is doing the work while Trump drinks the Koolaid.
Not only is Trump continuing the work of Obama in stoking the fire we know as the Syrian rebels by attacking Assad and the Syrian government but he’s continuing the work of Obama in stoking the fire between the US and Russia.
While delusional leftists claimed Trump was a Russian puppet, I guess they have to eat their words now, considering Trump may just be on the verge of starting the world war with Russia that has been in the global establishment playbook for many many years.
Yesterday, Russia in a coalition with Iran and Syria claimed that if Trump were to cross any future red lines, it will be met with force.
The pro Assad alliance said,
“what America waged in an aggression on Syria is a crossing of red lines. From now on we will respond with force to any aggressor or any breach of red lines from whoever it is and America knows our ability to respond well.”
H.R. McMaster responded saying there are continued plans to strike Syria on the table all the same.
Sean Spicer made a bit of a Freudian slip today during the White House press conference where he said the US agenda is to destabilize Syria.
Globalist tool UN ambassador Nikki Haley claimed on CNN this week that it’s a major priority of the Trump administration to push regime change in Syria and implement more sanctions on Russia. Interestingly enough, Nikki Haley and Rex Tillerson claimed just over a week ago that regime change in Syria is no longer a priority to which John McCain had a public meltdown over.
Now, their views have apparently switched 180 as John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Lindsey Graham praise Trump’s actions.
So, Assad is let off the hook and he for absolutely no reason gasses his own people, mostly children nonetheless? How can people buy this nonsense? That would be suicide. And for what reason?
Ron Paul was right to question the chemical attack and call it a possible false flag! Now the fires of World War 3 are getting hotter on a global scale. The establishment wanted war and they got it. Another prediction by Ron Paul in November 2016 was that the shadow government would stage false flags to bring Trump into war. Well here we are folks.
Recently, UK’s Defense Minister Michael Fallon claimed that Russia is responsible for every civilian death in Syria and has demanded that Russia accept a new western puppet dictatorship in Syria.
This is incredibly dangerous and irresponsible.
You know it’s bad when even Ann Coulter is calling out for an end to this war mongering.
The monetary system needs a war in order to manipulate itself via the markets enough to stay on its feet a little bit longer and further enslave the populace in debt.

We will continue to update you on this story as it unfolds.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

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  • John Doe

    Here’s a list of all the banks owned by the Rothschild’s by country;
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  • dtzman

    The Russians actually been laughing about the small effect of Trumps attack on Syria. Now Trump is out and says they missed on purpose. Of course, the reason was obviously just to burn tax payers money.
    Now he has his hands full with North Korea and is continuing with his big show. It’s all a big show folks, showing their muscles.

  • Razlo5000

    I really wish people would stop this
    “uh oh, it’s ww3 everybody!”
    They just might make this a self fulfilling prophesy.
    and sometimes I think this WAM guy would welcome a WW3 resulting in a nuclear holocaust, just so he could say
    “See, I told you so, I told you so!”
    just think of the views!!!

  • No Names

    In my opinion, Russia is SUPER restrained in Syria.
    They behave VERY responsibly.
    The US know that and provoke them MADLY.
    The question I have is: does Russia have to remind them of its strength in order to bring the US neocons and most importantly the Deep State to their senses?
    What does it need to do?
    Does it need for example to test a few nukes in international waters as close as possible to the US shores?
    US today CHOSE to forget that Russia is a nuclear superpower and like it or not it could wipe out the whole USA (and the whole Globe for that matter) with about the 1/3 of the nukes it has?!
    Do the US Deep State needs some brutal reminder like this to WAKE THE HELL UP?
    What needs to be done to stop accelerating this sheer militaristic madness coming from the USA in the post-WW2 decades?

  • TinMan 1325

    These are weird times, people. Very weird times indeed

    The Alt-Right (you know, the evil, Nazi, racist, far-Right extremists) went out to protest against the war. Then Antifa went out to counter protest the Alt-Right. I’ll repeat that again, Antifa went out to protest against people not wanting a war. One more time, the tolerant Left, the anti-fascists, they went out and tried to stop people from not wanting to go to war

  • Jim Boyy

    Josh don’t let the idiots bother you , they will always b there, keep on doing the great job your doing,take a listen to what Mike Savage is saying

  • Charles H

    Hi Josh – please pay NO attention to the naysayers that come on your channel. They’re not even worth the effort to be honest – they’re sick, very unhappy malcontents – not worth the effort or waste of breath. You’re doing a fantastic job – I applaud you!

  • Tyrone Koumoundouros

    Trump and the Republicans are going to fuck the whole liberty movement .
    Arm yourselves and , get ready to take out fake American politicians and , fake US military who can not be trusted .
    Your freedom and , lady liberty demand you fight the globalist with or with out Trump .

  • EverydayLifeTechHacks

    To be honest history repeats itself, Russia has already made the mistake of making bad decisions and relations with the middle eastern nations, bc they eventually got into a war that quickly led to the USSRs doom and divided the nation into Russia by itself, Russia is going to make the same mistake bc the same people they support will again betray them or will have a large toll on their economy.

  • Hank Williams

    Trump is a weak puppet of the Rothschild’s and is just carrying on Bush’s and Obama’s work. If we do not stop them it will be death for us. The time has come for us to stand up or be killed. I can’t do it by myself.

  • Enquiry News


  • jerry sontoro

    putin has enough nukes to destroy all of Europe and hopefully isreal! u.s knows this and they dont want none of russia.

  • Enquiry News

    Better yet why not Attack us Now Mr Putin, PUTIN would be dead RUSSIA a big melted pile of shit.
    even today they had mass Riots today some broke out in Violance! Because the people of Russia know the United States of America will Distroy Russia and they don’t want that, and Putin is MAD! like U ! Moron!

  • Derek hogge

    Trump works for The Queen of England whom purchased Trump for future King of England to embody England’s Future

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