Talk to Neighbors Not to Cops

Derrick Broze covers a recent incident between his friend Rob Greenfield and a thief. He discusses why we should look to our communities for support and not immediately run to the cops.

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  • Tracey M

    This may be off topic a bit but my father was a farmer who lived almost totally self sufficient. Considered by many not very successful in life but in my eyes he was the most hardworking man I’ve ever known and loved his life. He fished, hunted grew his own food and had his own company installing and maintaining TV antenna services until 10 years ago when he died. Of course business died out due to rapid technology taking over but he hung in there anyway for those few people who refused for whatever reason to get hooked up to the system. Himself included. Anyway, he also earned money from selling his eggs and vegetables he grew every year and had a booth that was left unattended much of the time. Asking people to pay whatever they felt was fare so he could use the money for his startup the following year. I remember saying Dad, you know people could easily steal from you, not just your vegetables, but the money box you leave out there. He said, well if they need to steal it, they obviously need it more then I do and strangely enough, as far as he could tell …no one ever stole anything. He was well known for being the veggie guy and I have even meant people in recent years who knew my home town and knew my dad for this reason. Always saying what a good man he was and though I admit at the time, I thought he was kind of silly to be so trusting, I also wished more people were like him. What a wonderful world it could be.

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