This Is Why Donald Trump Won The Presidential Election!

Josh Sigurdson breaks down the four main reasons why Donald Trump was just elected President of The United States.
From the intolerant SJW crybabies throwing giant public temper tantrums and the looming restriction on freedom of speech that is the political correctness movement to the mainstream media which currently stands on its last legs after being caught rigging the election, taking marching orders from the DNC, handing Clinton questions before debates and framing the election perfectly for Hillary Clinton.
From Hillary’s incredible corruption, the Wikileaks revelations, paying mentally ill people to beat up Trump supporters and her past coming back to haunt her to the forgotten man and woman, unemployed, disenfranchised and alienated as they scramble to live in a society as they’re told they should be ashamed of the way they were born whilst trying to rub pennies together to afford meals for their families. There are many reasons Trump is now President-elect, but these four reasons are important to remember as we march on into the future with someone who may have prevented a World War 3 scenario, but is all the same dangerous to civil liberties and will most likely push more liberal policies.
It’s up to the individual to stand up and never lay down apathetically as if the job is done. This is how people become enslaved by the state. After Obama “won” in 2008, anti-war and anti-bank liberals laid down. They felt comfortable with their minor success as the policies of Bush continued. But it was “their guy” right? Well don’t expect anything different to happen with the right if they don’t hold Trump accountable, feet to the fire. It will simply continue the perpetual circle we’ve seen for 100 years as people would rather be ruled and allow other people to “be the change” instead of changing the world themselves.
We must deconstruct from the top to the bottom. We must bring about a voluntary society where all can be free, without coercion or force used against them by the all powerful state. This is simply just the beginning for the liberty movement and we have a long road ahead of us. Celebrate today, but tomorrow we fight harder than ever.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson

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