MKUltra & Project Monarch Whistleblower Cathy O’Brien On Her Groundbreaking New Book.

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  • silverstandard5

    Ha Ha The Banking system is the EVIL !!! Stop the fancy pantsy ! Trump is
    onder bankers control ! The wars don’t stop !

  • Debbie Kallin

    I have trying to get people to read Cathy’s and Mark’s book for years.
    Thank you for your continuous work to get this information out there. I
    wish more poeple would wake up to this. They still think people like me are
    crazy!! Much gratitude, love and best wishes to Cathy, Mark and her

  • Terry Moore

    Why in Gods name would anyone use a child this way? Is this who humanity
    is, or capable of, I can’t wrap my brain around this, !

  • Ben Walton

    isn’t this the lady who kidnapped another families daughter (with the help
    of her handler) because she claimed they were mind controlling her and
    abusing her?

    nothing is what it seems with this woman, in my opinion.

  • Allen Parsens

    I am 35 min in. Here are my concerns. Not once has she mentioned the jews.
    Who runs the media? Who controls the US government? Who manufactures
    pornography? Who controls child sex slavery? Who runs the pedo trade among
    politicians? In every case, it is the jews. Can someone please go and study
    these points. The israelis have had many, many stories documenting child
    sex slavery. many many stories about compromising politicians through pedo
    rings. It is well known that they own the main stream media and the US
    government. Yet not once do the jews get mentioned. Do you think the jews
    would allow someone else to move into it’s area of influence? I believe
    that the jews run and control the CIA. Does anyone have any information on

  • Dave Long

    How to be Hillary Clinton:

    1. Beat up your husband
    2. Look like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.
    3. Obey your zionist overlords
    4. Want to nuke Russia
    5. Cover up your husband’s rapes
    6. Pretend to care about blacks
    7. Pretend you aren’t a lesbian
    8. Delete dodgy emails
    9. Lack stamina and have several health problems
    10. Kill anyone who gets in your way
    11. Have yourself cloned
    12. Attend Satanic rituals where you eat a foetus and drink blood

  • Bennjamin Carey

    The astonishing information contained in this interview is difficult to
    hear but vital to understand if we are to confront the truth behind the
    manipulated reality we see around us and to expose the sick, twisted and
    inhuman mentality currently running the planet earth asylum.
    ‘The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined
    by those who are not behind the scenes.’ – Benjamin Disraeli.

  • Jay Longshore

    Ritchie, can you please do a show on pizzagate and John Podesta? They are
    central to the current Satanic cult ruling Washington, DC.

  • mary jane

    ive watched this woman before, i got the feeling all her claims and stories
    are lies and its all about being relevant in selling books, there is a
    video out there of her immediate family telling you that the stuff she said
    never happened, also got the impression she has a photographic memory as
    shes repeated and told her stories word for word over the years, in my book
    cathy and both mark are up to something, probably earning money out of
    gullable ppl.
    08:45 – she knows exactly wht shes doing lol

  • bogen broom

    The MSM is dying fast …..sites like Richie’s , ‘AMtv,’ – ‘ Next News
    Network’ – ‘Corbett Report ‘ , and many other alternative sites have
    grabbed the Real News by the throat ………yipee ! .

  • mcksean

    as a father , the one thing that scares the absolute shit out of me is
    paedophile rings and child hunters I so wish Ireland had some sort of
    American style right to bare arms . until then a stash of axes and bats
    with razors will have to suffice

  • thedirtyfecker

    The great manipulation… The manipulation of the ‘awoken’ by the greatest
    manipulators of all. Wake up people and learn to think for yourselves.
    These people are all fakes and the self professed awoken are blind to their
    own sheepishness.

  • Alycia Hall

    I’m so happy to hear that she’s teaching people how to really heal and
    address the subconscious pain by making it conscious.

  • Sandy Villarreal

    People need to face the ungodly truth that this evil has been going on for
    a very long time. Our CIA run United States Government truly is the most
    evil government on this planet. Secret programs, trillions of dollars
    unaccounted for, WikeLeaks exposing true evil with Podesta, Hillary, ect,.
    When they say “the truth hurts’ they were correct, but until you realize
    the problem exists you can’t change a damn thing. God Bless and Hurray for
    Cathy’s strength for speaking out. She’s a true hero.

  • 79antigua

    People think because it didn’t happen to them it can’t be true, but if it
    did happen to them they’d be like why don’t people believe me.

  • Jean Falco

    Kissinger, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush Sr. and the Clinton’s all belong to the
    same secret club to promote their agenda of mass genocide and enslavement
    of the planet! They are the true enemies!!! Thank you Cathy!!

  • Cheryl444b

    Excellent interview! Cathy. . . .what an inspiration. I’m impressed by how
    she can be so positive after all she’s been through. Just wonderful.

  • Paul Eberhart

    Paul Eberhart wishes more veterans understood what she is
    saying…Unfortunately, most veterans do not know who the bad guys really
    were and continue to be…

  • S Smith

    Cathy is amazing. The only way we can deal with this evil (and I’ve been a
    ‘victim’ of it too) is to RISE ABOVE AND STAY AS LOVE. Thanks, great show

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