Obama Pushes for ISIS War Resolution – #NewWorldNextWeek

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

9/11+14: #DustLady #MarcyBorders Dies from Cancer at 42
World Trade Center Rescue Workers Believed EPA, Ended Up Sick

Story #1: Cheating Website Subscribers Included WH, Congress Workers
Tony Blair on Ashley Madison
1 in 5 Ottawa Residents are on Ashley Madison
Don’t Gloat About Ashley Madison Leak, It’s About Way More Than Infidelity
What Happens to Cheating Soldiers?
Pentagon Gives Free Pass to Ashley Madison Cheaters

Story #2: Congress Avoids Obama’s Call for a Resolution of War Against ISIS
CENTCOM Skewed ISIS War Intel To Be More Upbeat
Who is Really Behind ISIS?
Video: Ex-DIA boss Michael Flynn: White House took “willful decision” to fund, train Syria Islamists ISIS
Syrian Rebels: Turkey Tipped al-Qaida Group to U.S.-Trained Fighters
Turkey Denies Allegations It Tipped Off al-Qaida Abductors
Airstrikes Kill 41 Kurdish Fighters, Turkish Military Says

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek – “Independent” GMO Researcher’s FOIA’ed Emails Show $25K Monsanto Grant
Video: Joe Rogan Experience #655 – Kevin Folta
Monsanto Shill Kevin Folta on Twitter
Responsible Conduct Research : Conflicts of Interest
The Business of Biotech: Engineering the Genome for Fun and Profit
Judge Finds Toronto Police Officer Guilty in G20 Mass Arrests
Federal Judge Orders DEA to Release Information about Illegal Mass Surveillance
German Government Charges CIA Spy Busted Inside the BND With Treason

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: Twitter Shuts Down 30 Sites Dedicated to Saving Politicians’ Deleted Tweets
Fmr Gordon Brown Adviser Warns Stock Up On Canned Food for Stock Market Crash
#ChinaMeltdown Meets #BlackMonday Map
EPA’s Highest-Paid Employee and Leading Expert on Climate Change Jailed for Lying About Being CIA Spy in Pakistan
Murphy vs. Block: May Libertarians Accept Government Money?

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  • james deroc

    you guys do a great job with this. there are so many great stories that you
    only mention with 1 sentence that really need unfolding. imo you should do
    this for 1 hour and every other day, im sure you could find capable
    volunteers among your readership to assist.

  • urkgurgle

    The hack of A.M. is reminiscent of the way NSA operates, by spying on
    everything, they can know everyone’s dirty little secrets, and use those
    against them. The fact that the lion’s share of users are in capitals is
    consistent with the approach, as they want dirt on people in power. The
    fact that it is public suggests this is not the NSA however, as they like
    to keep their ammo dry in their pockets. Who then? Another government
    trying to get in the game, or a group like anonymous, trying to disarm the
    NSA? Hopefully, time will tell.

  • LadyT

    Research Mind Control Technology – they’re using it on many new young
    people being added daily. thank you! Don’t you all know anything about
    Electronic Harassment????? Also, why would people kill themselves over
    cheating? This is older than the hills and how self-righteous any one
    would be to say they would never do that????

  • Travis polson

    We need an open sourced investigation on who is arming ISIS today stolen
    arms and ammunition only go so far there has to be war factory’s some were
    supplying these guys my guess would be the US but it is only a guess .

  • Kevin Folta

    Hey guys, you maybe should have contacted me, and I’d be glad to discuss
    anytime. No, I”m not “paid by Monsanto”. FOIA did not force anything out, I
    speak about the sponsors in every outreach event. The context of the FOIA
    discussion only allowed a well-disclosed donation to an outreach program to
    make activists blind to reality and willing to trash a public scientist.
    The donation allows me to put out coffee and sandwiches for students and
    faculty that participate in a science communication workshop. I’ve never
    been paid by Monsanto, and my closest ties are some friends in the company
    (which anyone working in science 30 years will have) and a few students
    that have gone that way.

    My workshops were the same before their support as they were during the
    support, and they’ll be the same now that the university has pulled the
    funds and given them to a university food pantry charity. It is science, as
    told by evidence in peer-reviewed literature. I am an independent
    scientist. Just because someone funds the donuts at a communications
    workshop does not mean they control the message. They never will.

    And it is my job to talk to companies. As a land-grant scientist I am
    everyone’s scientist. That’s the idea. They are supposed to pay for my
    travel. If they want me to talk about my research or communications
    program, they should pay for my travel. That should not be on state or
    federal sources. If a private company wants it, they pay. Zero to me
    personally, just to cover costs. Imagine the scandal you’d be reporting if
    I traveled to a company event on a public dime!

    Instead of attacking me or a company donation, maybe question something
    I’ve said, or question my 30 years of published research. Nobody can do
    that. I speak from science, in line with consensus. No corporation controls
    that. I understand the sentiment, as any scientist presenting science that
    does not fit belief is subject to persecution. We’ve seen that since
    Galileo, through Darwin, and more recently with climate scientists. I’m
    just another reporter of inconvenient truths, and now have people trying to
    destroy my public, and independent career– simply because I teach science.

    Again, I’m glad to talk any time or answer your questions live. Take care.

    • TheGoldTheory

      +Kevin Folta I’m pretty sure they don’t read youtube comments, if you want
      to talk to them try emailing Corbett or tweeting to @MediaMonarchy

  • getredytagetredy

    You got to love those hackers !!!…On the flip side…would we expect
    anything differant? Political whores all swimming in the cesspool of low
    self esteem…

  • Koppurointi

    Banks are war creative machines…. War can be very profitable. Loaning
    money to both sides. Cha-Ching! There will be all way’s war’s and huge

  • jakeenan

    I first came across this Folta guy last year, I think, on Breaking the Set.
    An unpaid independent scientist championing GMO’s out of the goodness of
    his heart for the benefit of humanity. Whatever he is, he sounded
    disingenuous then and reading a number of his blogs and hearing him on
    Rogan’s show nothing has changed my opinion. There is something off about
    about this guy. You can’t argue with 30 years of science. Probably not. I
    seriously doubt James would sit and have a one on one with this guy because
    he’d probably make mince meat of James. He is as good as they get at what
    he does. But nothing he would ever say would ever convince me that he’s a
    genuine altruistic force for the good of humanity. He’s got a professional
    dark secret and will be found out eventually…..but I doubt it would make
    a blind bit of difference. Maybe his supposed GMO diet will get him in the
    end. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hahaha

  • Sam West

    i remember kevin folta was on abby martins show is best defence was how
    anti monsanto people are all people who are against science

  • Bill Conner

    Folta’s email correspondence revealed that he accepted a $25,000 grant from
    Monsanto last year and was told that the money “may be used at your
    discretion in support of your research and outreach projects.”

    He maintains he has no ties to Monsanto. As recently as two months ago –
    well after receiving the grant, the existence of which Folta has never
    personally disclosed – he said: “I have nothing to do with Monsanto.”
    Earlier this year (also after receiving the money), he was quoted as saying
    that he has received “no research money from Monsanto, never any personal
    compensation for any talks.”

    He has avoided direct questions about the grant and has gone to lengths to
    deny any compensation, ridiculing allegations to the contrary.

    It also appears that Folta was being prompted about what to say regarding
    their agenda by Monsanto’s PR firm, Ketchum, which operates the GMO Answers
    site. In some cases, Ketchum even scripted his “responses” on the website.

    From Nature.com:

    …Folta’s e-mails show him to be frequent contributor to GMO Answers.
    Ketchum employees repeatedly asked him to respond to common questions posed
    by biotechnology critics. In some cases, they even drafted answers for him.
    ‘We want your responses to be authentically yours,’ one Ketchum
    representative wrote in a message on 5 July 2013. ‘Please feel free to edit
    or draft all-new responses.’

    Part of Folta’s response to this allegation was “I don’t know if I used
    them, modified them or what.”

    It’s abundantly clear that in this case, a private-sector scientist has
    completely compromised his credibility by denying that he was a paid
    propagandist for Monsanto. If it weren’t for the efforts of US Right to
    Know, we would probably have never learned the truth.


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