Students Are Defaulting On Their Debt In RECORD Numbers! – Why This Is A GIANT SCAM!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the vast amount of students defaulting on their student debt and why G. Edward Griffin’s Red Pill University will change the game.
For years, kids with high hopes have flooded into the university and college system where they get a massive loan with a ridiculous level of interest, enter some arts and humanities course, or perhaps women’s studies only to be propagandized and indoctrinated by a Marxist professor who teaches them to hate everyone different than them under the guise of being a “social justice warrior.” They then leave college/university and find themselves without a job, depending on their parents, hopes and dreams shattered and up to their necks in debt for many years to come. THIS is the reality of the university and college system and it’s an absolute joke.

Outstanding student debt in the United States sits at 1.5 TRILLION DOLLARS!

Now many will say the government should pay for this. However, the government’s already incredibly involved and one of the main reasons the costs are so high. The more the government’s involved the less competition flourishes, the more dependent the system becomes and the more inflated the prices become. The more government (or the taxpayer) pays, the more the price goes up. It’s the same thing as the healthcare system.

So the solution isn’t taxpayers paying off 1.5 trillion dollars worth of debt which is insane to even consider, the solution is quite simple… Stay away from university and college. Stay out of school. Educate yourself. Be responsible. The college and university system is built today in order to indoctrinate you into dependence and to destroy responsibility which is integral to liberty and freedom.

G. Edward Griffin founded The Red Pill University following the 2017 Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana. The Red Pill University sets out to give individuals the red pill in all areas of life. From finance and markets to health and schooling. Then there’s farming, media, activism, culture and conspiracy.

The Red Pill University is so incredibly important because it ACTUALLY educates individuals from all walks of life and the fact of the matter is, everyone knows there’s something wrong. To understand what is exactly wrong is to educate yourself enough to be the change you wish to see in the world. This has a lasting impact.

Faculty include Mr. Griffin, Lord Monckton, Alex Newman, Holly Swanson, James Corbett, Joel Salatin and the list goes on. We at WAM are proud faculty ourselves!

You can find the Red Pill University at

Stay tuned for more from WAM!

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Margaret louise

    All debt needs to be defaulted on. If you realize that money under our central bank financial scam is never really loaned, because for someone to loan something means they had something to loan.
    Banks own nothing real. They print money at no cost to them but have structured laws to give them real returns. SCREW THEM BY DEFAULTING ON ALL YOUR DEBTS. THEIR UNCONSTITUTIONAL ILLEGAL SYSTEM WILL IMPLODE BECAUSE THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STOP A TO-A-MAN DEFAULT.

  • Margaret louise

    For the most comprehensive study, well documented, of the powers of this world read Robin de Ruiter’s book “The 13 Satanic Bloodlines..Paving the Road to Hell.” This is not a religious book, but an historical one. Your mind will be blown.

  • rene ibarlucea

    Keep in mind that the globe education is all false. Research flat Earth and learn that we are not spinning at breakneck speeds….p.s. don’t pay for the demonic deception education

  • Gary Saunders

    John Sneisen was shipwrecked on a deserted island for 3 years. Where he learned to make tools and fish. He once removed a bad tooth with a skate. He eventually persevered and made a raft to sail out into open water and was found by a passing ship. Thus earning him the nickname “Bulldog”!

  • Faith & Action

    Great info’ guys! But don’t forget the most important red pill of all: Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins so that we could be born-again in His Holy Spirit & our eyes & ears could be made spiritually open to really understand the Truth.

  • Richard James

    Are you a student in debt? 1) Study David Wynn Millers Material. You can google his name. 2) Then there is Freedom Club USA that I am a member of that uses a proprietary method of legal that I used to sue the IRS. They no longer speak to me. The draw back to that was I never received any written confirmation like David’s material can do. 3) Prove legally that you debt was monies that your SS account had already paid the debt.

  • John Jones

    Great why don’t you make a trip over to N.Korea and have a chat with Kim boy about that. Be carefull though. Some people don’t like you or the way you want to live.

  • Richard James

    Fellas, you are so spot on! This is racketeering. The schools, the banks and government positions both appointed and elected are behind this. This is just another scam to keep the masses poor and at the same time suck value out of the accounts supporting every Social Security Numbers. The most important agenda to take away from this is the idea that it’s not about greed it’s about control. Those who orchestrated this from behind “the curtain of the great Oz” do this to force its controlling interest and to subvert more control from the masses.

  • Lawrence Henni

    I think the terminology and the labels used today are incomplete and inaccurate. The definitions of a Republic suggest collectivism, or is it collective individualism or individual collectivism. lol.

  • TheSupatrader

    newsflash: you cant really default on your student loans. not sure how you guys do it in Canada, eh, but in the US you cant wipe your student loans even through bankruptcy. what this means is that your loan will show up on your credit report and you will have to pay it back one way or another. otherwise they will sue you and deduct this money from your paycheck by court order. there are a few ways to get out of it, but 95% will have to pay. hey, its business after all, which means “buyer beware”, and banks and colleges colluded to make a profit by convincing a bunch of gullible idiots that they need college degrees to do well. in reality instead of doing well, the idiots got themselves into debt harness. on the grand scale, this was done to push population closer to one world government that is currently being implemented through Marxist ideology. now all these idiots with huge student loan debt want the rich to pay for their debt thereby promoting redistribution of wealth, which is at the core of Marxism. i say fuck them, MAKE THEM PAY!

  • Gerald Parker

    I hope that the library resources of the big universities and of any colleges get placed where they really will do the most good, rather than to close down with the useless educational institutions which no longer offer much of anything valid.

  • Pamela Rice

    I’m a baby-boomer; had not a penny of debt when I got out of college. Schools, these days, are shooting themselves in their collective foot. Young people are on to them. My guess, formal schooling will eventually go extinct….

  • MrGchiasson

    Many of these college kids have never been forced to accept accountability..,now they are carrying massive debt…and defaulting because it’s too hard. Reality bites!

  • Michel Fournier

    What I never understood there is a percentage save in CRA account of the amount which you paid for your schooling, and you are not allowed to use it to pay your student loan with it. I did called the CRA on this subject and was told that if I would be allowed to use the amount saved then it would be free education??? I paid close to $23000 for a 1 year program and borrowed a OSAP loan of $11000, not including the other bank loans I had to take to pay my bills, so no not free education. I spoke with the National Student Loan Centre and told me that even if I default payments I wouldn’t be able to use the saved amount at CRA. CRA did say that this amount is to pay if I owed money to the government, isn’t a OSAP loan a government debt? CRA is screwing the students and making sure that they are making money out of the interests on students loans like banks. Just plain criminal.

  • Michel Fournier

    If the government really wanted to turn the coming financial apocalypse, all they need to do is pay off all households debts, which will pay the banks back (rather then “bailouts”, other word given free money to friends). And create a stricker systems to borrow money.

  • Michel Fournier

    By paying off household debts you are giving back the people financial freedom and then they will be able to be consumers, which if the lifeblood of the economy.

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