Chinese Stocks PLUNGE As Bond Market Gets Ready To Crash!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the recent plunge in Chinese stocks.

The Chinese blue-chip index suffered the worst day in 17 months after a MASSIVE plunge. Investors cited rising bond yields and regulatory burdens regarding corporate debt following a strengthening but bubbling equities market throughout the majority of the year.

China is suffering from a massive debt problem and the centralization of the markets and the economy will likely lead to an epic calamity.

John Sneisen breaks down several major issues facing China and the push towards a centrally planned cashless global system headed by China and the IMF as the IMF’s Lagarde talks about moving the UN’s banking complex to Beijing in the coming years.

As we always say, if your money’s in the bank, it’s not yours, it’s the bank’s. If your money’s always going through the banks via centrally planned digital transactions and legal tender laws, your money is NEVER yours, it’s ALWAYS the bank’s and that puts you, the individual into collective servitude to that very system.

There’s a massive power shift growing by the day, leaning towards a Chinese global order as countries swap out of the US dollar and the US threatens to put sanctions on China cutting them off from the unwanted US dollars. Let’s not forget how much gold China has hoarded. There’s reason to be concerned.

Add in the vast derivatives markets, the manipulative tactics of the central planners is a crash waiting to happen and individuals with no understanding of the markets or monetary system will be dealt the worst hand and they won’t see it coming. That’s why we’re here.

We will continue to cover this crucial issue.

Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson
John Thore Stub Sneisen

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • Stephen Williams

    Unsubscribed because I am sick and tired of the sky is falling approach. I am making money taking risk and if I was to follow your show I would become paranoid and stay on the sidelines. Let me give you a word of advice if you only live to play it safe then thats exactly what your life will look like at the end of it Safe. Nothing else. If millionaires were always playing it safe today they would be poor and pauperized.

  • sunwarz

    Its actually a shame, that so many people have called crash and end of the dollar for so long now and it didn’t happen that now when things are looking that it may be very close, people are so used to hearing its coming and are ignoring it and won’t be ready or even believe it when it really does happen! They will be in denial, even when they see it for real, they still won’t get ready to be able to help themselves, they will sit back and wait for the governments to tell them what to do, like the sheeple they were and will become even worst off than if they would have only listened and stayed in touch with the truth, and took some sort of action to prepare and educate themselves!

  • Jdmsword14

    really sad i started storing fiat into silver a few years ago when it was around 13-14$/ounce and even with the manipulation hey my money is still there and in reality i’ve “made” money if i chose to sell at 17$. Tried telling my family and friends about silver but no. now I see a lot of friends and family getting into the top of these stock markets saying they want to start investing and its like ok, get ready to lose all your money investing at the top.

  • Stephen Williams

    I am not advocating carelessness, all I am saying is whatever the mind focuses on becomes magnified. So if we are always focusing on the negativity and pessimism then we will never venture out to do anything worthwhile. Paralysis and fear will rule your life. Just remember that there are a lot of things that we go through from which we can never recover however money is definitely not one of them. You can recover from any financial setback.

  • hartbroslivestock

    We “must” go communist ,or we cant compete with China and other communist countries …Genrikh Yagoda murdered 10 million,Lazar Kaganovich murdered 20 million ,both Jews “…We are next ..Wake up America …

  • proteus 1

    The Chinese market at least goes through natural more normal correction, what the hell is going to happen to western markets when they correct, not even intelligent computers will be able to hold them up, what happens to these programs when forced into uncharted ground, could they go wonky and even aid in the market collapse.

  • David Lee

    Korea seems little China and looks exactly like it. Bubble around the world will burst anytime anywhere triggering avalanche like collapse worldwide. It is getting more and more serious everyday. Thanks guys for inspiration and keeping listeners awake!

  • luis alberto salas r. sancho

    the two masked nazizionist witchs!capitalism ideologic soldier slaves! mind market manipulators!…the two dark witch sisters!!! folie a deux? group work is easier and shameless…the one shit lie potentiates the other shit blacklie…devil musicians….well…so you get your each day bread and the oil to the popo!!!bullshiters!!!

  • luis alberto salas r. sancho

    your lies,rosed round head,make you loose your soul and your hair!!!be care cretin,it causes also the cancer to sell the soul to devil!!!

  • Lightning Rod

    Please do a segment on how we (legally) should be using the Bank of Canada to help with my debts for the benefit of all Canadians
    Please do a segment on how i should be able to use the Bank of Canada

  • luis alberto salas r. sancho

    !!!what love looks…one another…passionate… for the bright inteligence and mouth diarreia hability of each one!!! loving birds,…how nice!!!!ahahahpiupiu,lielie,piupiu,lielie!!!!bullshiters!!!

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