Testimony from the Prince of Darkness

In this video, Jason Bermas breaks down what Erik Prince may be telling the House Intelligence Committee behind closed doors with revelations about numerous Clinton scandals. All while Mother Jones tries to deflect any real investigation from happening into these matters.

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  • Josh Shepherd

    Just fyi…he isn’t involved with academi at all. He sold blackwater…then the company changed there name a couple of times before settling on academi. It’s a bit disingenuous to not mention that…

  • hello hun

    Hillary is a hideous woman. That horrible overbite, I’d like to pull her teeth out with a small pair of channelock pliers.

  • seymore glass

    There is no doubt Prince can dig dirt on the Clinton’s. Why fail to mention that Prince, via his corp. was among Trump”s largest contributors? That his wife, Betty DeVos, is Secretary of Education and Mueller has evidence to suggest Trump, through Kushner is implicated directly in a quid pro quo with Prince for cooperation with Saudi Arabia in Yemen? What I don’t understand is why so many are obsessed with the Clinton’s while Trump rapes the treasury via back door deals? The deficit balloons daily and all I hear about is former White House officials.

  • Robert Gile

    We haven’t ever seen the Federal Government hold itself accountable except when it benefits the Federal Government to burn somone.

  • NTB Azael

    We all know that Hillary Beelzebub-Satan-Baphomet “The Cunt” Clinton, and Bill ‘Chester the Molester’ Clinton, are criminal degenerate scumbags! Why is Trump not Tweeting about putting these fucktards in prison?!?! Above the law…

  • James Warrior

    One thing I got to say why it’s all these rich and powerful people get in trouble with underage girls when they can definitely afford an adult prostitute that will give them a lifetime of joy and everything I don’t get it anymore why does these rich people and powerful people need underage people when they can afford a good high price escort

  • OilGuy

    Prince of Darkness Erik Prince??? I think you are confusing him with Richard Pearl who is the Prince of Darkness.

    Erik Prince was in a Breitbart article a year ago saying he has contacts in the NYPD that has Anthony Weiners laptop that had a file named “LIFE INSURANCE” that had all the sick blackmail the Clintons had on high level people and satanic pedophile rings and stuff he said even made the NYPD sick to their stomachs and they forced FBI director James Comey to open the investigation during the 2016 election.

  • Kenneth Soto

    Haha how full of shit as if repubichairs don’t do the same stop with your lies both sides are terrible people like you spewing lies I hope you get paid well for your participation

  • Ron L

    Much love y’all 😁 Here’s my take.

    The programming from “They” is largely propaganda. Stop consuming toxins…physically or non-physically. These screens, backed by decades of social and psychological research, are dividing and destroying the humanity of population.

    How “We” Got Here…

    Mellinina ago (to present for some)… people were controlled Spiritually through the dissemination of bastardized “Natural” truths.

    Centuries ago (to present for some)… the Square, Compass, and selected Tomfoolerers, created a fictional “Space [G]lobe”. They were then able to physically build structures to reinforce the Mellinina old, Spiritually fracturing, stories of the “Ancients”.

    “Belief” is their weapon. Physical and Meta-physical “Temples” have been constructed…for your body, and mind. Why? To trap your innate Spiritual connection beneath layers and layers of deception.

    Ever wonder why all the angles, numbers, and “coincidences” seem to line up? Now you know. #WedoNOTconcent (at least I’m done…been done)

    You are the centerpoint of your in here, I am the centerpoint of mine. None have to be counterpoints. 🤝

    The “North Star” is the centerpoint of out there. That’s important💫. Why do think there isn’t a ton of “Religious” stories associated with it…or am I mistaken? 😉

    Today… is up to you. 👁🗺👁 We’re all responsible.

    Please share if it resonates, please consider if it doesn’t.

  • anthonybadaracco@yahoo.com badaracco@yahoo.com

    Jason nor Luke have touched on Q anon and thats seems a bit off or at least i haven’t seen it .. i mean at least come out and say its BS but the complete blackout

  • Minimal MO

    Hi Jason, I apreciate your story.
    BUT: A https certificate warning does not mean this gawker site is blocked.
    It means the webmasters at gawker messed something up with their certificates.
    This has nothing to do with blocking, this is a human error at gawkers site.
    Just inform yourself how “https” works and inform yourself how to visite a site despite wrong certificates…
    Sorry I don´t want to sound rude but I hate Bullshit!

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