Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster


Diplomat, spy, Wall Street lawyer, philanderer, government overthrow specialist, Nazi collaborator, MKULTRA overlord, presidential assassin. This week on the Corbett Report podcast: meet Allen Dulles, fascist spymaster.


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  • greatgambino

    Do anybody who follows this guy Corbett have the ability to give me a
    logical reason why he characterizes Snowden as a “snow job”? I really think
    Corbett is a paid shill by the NSA/CIA?etc to send all of you conspiracy
    theorists down various rabbit holes from which you never emerge. Come on
    you Corbett supporters, give me your logic why Snowden is a snow job, other
    than repeating what this guys says. I really want to know.

  • Michael Johnson

    BRAVO!!! You’re the 1st person I’ve heard of who names what I’ve always
    believed to be the mastermind of the Kennedy assassination.
    He, and his NWO masters were the only ones who could coordinate such a vast
    & diverse group of power players, set up a multi faceted operation, then
    control the subsequent investigation and cover up. Maintaining the cover up
    over time requires the money, intelligence assets, media control and
    professional assassin network that few possess.
    Dulles worked with the mafia and Mossad. He worked FOR the bankers &
    oilmen, and was at the heart of the military industrial complex.
    Who else could bring in the FBI, secret service & VP as participants in
    “The Big Event”?
    I believe that responsibility for the long term cover up passed to GHW
    Bush. The JFK jr plane crash has his MO. Many Bush adversaries had plane
    Good reporting. It’s heartening to see the truth expressed on occasion.
    Like a fine wine a good cigar or a juicy steak, it is rare!

  • Jon Vongoh

    At least now we know what kind of person you need to be, in order to get a
    major international airport named after you when you die.

  • Jon Vongoh

    Allen Dulles went out the way he deserved to go out: dying, ignored by his
    own wife – left to rot in his own filth while his body decayed. Over and
    beyond the way he mistreated her (undoubtedly) she intimately familiar with
    the evil that he and the Yale Skull and Bones / Rockefeller / shadow
    government cabal had been up to during their whole marriage. Support for
    Hitler, arming all sides and fomenting war for profit and control,
    executing plans to study humanity and alter us / exterminate us like lab
    rats, overthrowing countries and installing dictators with death squads for
    the corporate boards they sat on, not to mention the assassination of JFK
    because he got in THEIR way. That’s only scratching the surface
    (understatement). Its a perfect ending for one of the Biggest Psychopaths
    in American history. More than anything it proves she has a soul.

  • Anthony Clarke

    Brillent and succinct, more power to your arm. Any chance of you doing a
    similar expose on the neoliberal ex Meral Lynch toady that the mind dulled
    bigots of New Zealand voted in as Prime Minister , the traitor to his
    nation John Key

  • Connectingthedots

    Thank you for this wonderful video. Very succinct which made it very easy
    to follow along. Well done!

    Sadly, all that I’m truly able to understand is that we’ve been we’ve been
    wined, dined, hit over the head, taken out to the alley and raped,
    sandpaper-shafted with no lube, left laying on the cold-hard concrete
    bleeding from the a**hole.

    I don’t particularly care what anyone else does, but I’m mad as hell, and
    I’m not going to take it anymore.

  • sploofmonkey

    Allan Dulles name pops up in so many studies on US 20th century history,
    makes for fascinating study. He was very connected to US technological
    development in the 20th century, and generally, his spy life is relatively
    ignored. Plus, it seems he was not well versed in engineering, yet his
    peering eyes and opinion are well known in US aerospace/weapons
    development. Odd how someone with relatively minimal skills related to the
    important gov’t position could get it, well, his familial connections seem
    to help him out the most.

    Another interesting character in the beginnings of the OSS/CIA is Miles
    Copeland Jr., who was a itinerant jazz musician with the Glen Miller Band
    who just happened to become a main CIA spy in the ME during the 1950s and
    1960s. Copeland would become one of A. Dulles main proteges in the ME. A
    jazz musician becomes main spy in Middle East during important 1950s

    Guess what? Miles Copeland is father of Stuart Copeland, the drummer for
    the very popular pop/rock band The Police in 1970s/80s. Corbett comments
    how Dulles familial connections got him to where he wanted to go, and did I
    hear a few comments about CFR? Well, one aspect of CFR goals for world
    control, is cultural control, so music industry comes to mind. Miles
    Copeland taught his son well, and Stuart got to the play in one of the most
    popular pop/rock bands of his time. Are familial connections working here?
    Although Stuart Copeland, does not play in The Police anymore, he still
    does ‘tutoring’ of modern ‘musicians’ like Snoop Dog, Spyro The Dragon,
    Strontium 90. One has to wonder what connections Stuart Copeland might have
    to CFR, cultural arm and finger – music, even the CIA?

  • bighands69

    Allen Dulles was a hero of his time. He was operating in a period of great

    The Nazis, communists and US liberals were all during his reign. He had to
    deal with groups that tried to infiltrate the US.

    Communists were staging terrorist attacks in the US. Nazis had operatives
    in the US system.

    What type of world do you people think this was.

  • Richard Wilson

    Really glad to see you digging into the Secret Space Program literature.
    That’s what I grew up with – politics came later (and boy was politics an
    easy field to navigate through, after first learning how to sift through
    UFOlogy and the unfathomable level of dis/misinformation present in it).
    Seeing how the two join together is the real prize, and nobody’s done the
    job adequately yet. Maybe Joseph Farrell.

  • Phil Bant

    like any organisation you get rogue elements cause cause shit and can be
    real bad thats human nature CIA IS GENERALLY GOOD AT ITS HEART! When you
    deal with scum even within your organisation things at times get skewed

  • Martha Hanley

    After the de facto coup d’etat in 1963, President Truman *exactly* one
    month after his murder, on December 22nd, 1963, wrote a personal editorial
    and had it published on the *front page* of the Washington Post. He
    supposedly chose the Washington Post for obvious reasons.
    If you look it up, it was almost leaning toward an abject apology for
    forming the CIA. He explained why he formed it, yet how it was *not* to
    become a policy making arm in any way. [I’d try to paraphrase more, but
    finding the editorial is quite easy.]
    Of course, I believe that he thought [rightly so] that the CIA had a hand
    in Kennedy’s death, especially since JFK has fired him after being given
    Code: Operation Northwoods. He also fired Limnitzer.

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