The Real Reason Why Bernie Sanders Endorsed Hillary Clinton

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks about the breaking news of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton just now in New Hampshire. This latest news is making Bernie Sanders supporters furious as they feel tricked and lied to by Bernie.We go over all the previous news we covered before warning you that this would happen. Remember we are only supported by you and you only invest in us on and make sure we can expand our operation.


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  • Jose Holguin

    all presidential candidates are related to english royalty, voting is a
    scam, your gonna get nothing out of it

  • Steven McGinley

    Bernie ran on the fact he was against the big banks yet Bernie Sanders
    voted AGAINST auditing the Federal Reserve……right there tells me he’s

  • Eli Park

    Sanders got booed by his own party for saying his fellow senators should
    prioritize improving the lives of constituents instead of winning
    elections. but trump is the exception.

  • Vincent Collado

    Bernie Sanders will help Hillary Clinton and will do everything he can to
    stop the fraudulent businessman, Donald Trump.


    STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE! Democrats offer to pay off Bernie’s campaign
    debts, in exchange for His support of their front runner! What do you all
    expect him to do? Retire with a debt load he will never pay off himself.
    LMFAO Right!

  • CannibalCupcake

    We need to stop fighting one another and focus on the crime syndicate that
    has become our government. I think a lot of people are noticing this.
    They’ve tried so hard to divide us in the past week or so, but the majority
    noticed it as a scam. People called them out on it. And as a response,
    we’ve united more than we’ve divided. It’s actually quite beautiful. A
    revolution of consciousness is among us.

  • Tina Smith

    The entire system is rigged which is why I’m voting Trump! No one can buy
    him, he’s NOT for sale! #Trump2016 #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

  • klone1138

    Luke, you obviously don’t “know how this system works”, if you think Trump
    is the “anti-establishment candidate”. Trump is working for the Clinton’s,
    it’s crystal clear.

  • lamont814

    Bernie is simply acting like the socialist / communist he is. He took his
    campaign donation money from the have nots and gave it to the haves. Since
    his followers, which include progressives, haven’t been taught what the
    “isms” are, they now have their first taste of betrayal.

  • edd monte

    Luke open your eyes bro. Bernie PROOVED it can be done without them and now
    the masses are awake. isn’t that what toy fight for?

  • Golde Wallingford

    I think there is much more to this than we know…..look who just got
    murdered the other night, last week…people who could bring $$ illery
    down. I believe the recent riots were to either give an excuse to
    declare marshal law at Philly or practice for what they intended to do
    to us Berners at Philly. Could it be that Bernie was trying to protect
    us???….Was it because he knew there would be indictments coming

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