Apple Proudly Announces Global Censorship

Jason Bermas talks about the latest announcement by Tim Cook the CEO of Apple that explains how they share a common global vision of the internet. China of course has vast internet censorship and living with their policies would be a nightmare.


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  • Iamnota Mushroom

    So between Trump screwing the tax payers and now big corporations like this censoring everyone I believe we are truly fucked. Yup. Come live the American Bad Dream.

  • clanwargods

    I was planning on upgrading my IPhone 4 to an IPhone X/ Pixel, but after hearing this I will not give money to either companies. The internet should be left alone PERIOD.

  • Jon Kas

    Net Neutrality makes it possible for the common citizen to visit alternative media such as WeAreChange. Do you really think that the common person will start using VPNs? No, they won’t even notice that Comcast is feeding bias information.
    And how do you expect websites like Dtube to ever compete when YouTube pays off Comcast to slow down its competition. Net Neutrality is our freedom of speech as internet citizens. Without it we will be in the dark because an elite billionaire could control what we see and read, what we know about and don’t know about and ultimately what we think.

    I seen the mainstream poo poo Net Neutrality but I didn’t expect it from WeAreChange

  • Daniel Leon

    From suicide nets to net neutrality you guys were able to be honest and objective without cracking a single joke, this is exactly why you guys are my favorite news org.

  • Possert74

    Everyone says use duckduckgo instead of google but duckduckgo and all of these other search engines use google. The only real answer is to go after these monopolies with antitrust lawsuits.

  • dw wd

    Why did you have that Chinese flag to represent “censorship?” Are you saying that only China has censorship, US does not? Don’t you know that US’s censorship is more broader (internationally) and deeper (from countries’ leadership to common people) than that of China’s?

  • Vladimir Ilyushin

    Mr. Bermas: The only thing I do not agree with what you said is that China’s model is what the NWO Cabal is looking for (paraphrasing you, of course). Here is the story you did not get to learn (not born yet and then too young). Thanks to the fantastic progress China had made during its *_Cultural Revolution_* (you should study it, to learn the blessings that are coming to us). By 1970, the NWO Cabal had decided that their model for their World Tyranny was that of Communist China. In 1972, their agent, World Humanitarian Henry Kissinger (of the Soros’ Tribe), took President Nixon to China and things started going up from there. Like Lenin, Stalin, and other Bolshevik Tyrants of the time, China’s Tyrant Mao, was given an Indecent Proposal to reign over the world (under the auspices of the NWO Cabal – who are not as numerous as the Chinese). The first waves of Chinese students that came to North-America had not a good preparation (thanks to the touted *_Cultural Revolution_* – that decimated Education, Science, etc). With time, they have re-learn how to use their ancient heritage and taken the lead in many fields of the world. Their hi-tech cities reflect their advancement (even if at the cost of the life-span of their population – which the Communists Leaders see as a worthy sacrifice: *_The End Justifies The Means_* ). Thanks for your lifetime contributions (I first learned of you from your 911 videos).

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