The Truth About Black on White Shootings

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  • paragshah2112

    *downrated* you don’t know texas cops. the only good one is a dead one.
    this isn’t the same chris. you have no idea.

  • diverXII

    First of all, there has been a double standard for black people, starting
    all the way back to the 1st West Indies ship that brought them here. All
    the way up until the 1960’s/ 70’s those generations of blacks, have been
    discriminated against. I don’t doubt for a minute, that a lot of this black
    on white, white on black, does stem from bent up frustrations and a lot of
    divide and conquer from our gov.(propaganda). But, since the 1980’s the
    black community has started to move up in the world. They have no reason
    now, in 2015, to play any race card, what so ever. The problem with the
    black community, in a nut shell, is emotional intelligence. They do not
    have it. When they don’t get their way, they play the race card or riot.
    They have yet to figure out that you must wear a white collar, to fight the
    white collar establishment (in a suit). Al Sharptongue and Jessie Jackass
    have figured it out and set themselves up as the black man’s voice. I’ll
    bet they receive the better part of all NAACP funds, Acorn, and many other
    black oriented businesses and churches. They gotsta get paid, before they
    utter one word or march one step and they are paid handsomely. Secondly,
    all of this gun violence has to do with one thing, Money. Trace that back
    to whom ever, the current big players are in the administration and you
    will find they hold stock in (any name ammo/arms co). They conduct the old:
    Problem, Reaction, Solution game and people start getting scared and the
    prices of guns and ammo skyrocket, which means, more people on a list. My
    question to you, is do you believe that these people, Micheal Brown, Dyan
    Roof, Walter Scott, Darren Goforth,Vester Lee Flanagan….and many others
    to come, were all a psyop, manchurian candidate, SSRI project (much like MK
    ultra) stuff, or just truly fed up with life (type people) with emotional
    issues, that wanted 15 minutes of fame or got the 15 weather they wanted it
    or not?

  • 3pac

    Ask any body from any race in the us who they think commits a lot of crimes
    theye are always going to say blacks and it’s not a thing that they don’t
    like there skin color its that all the time living and growing up here you
    always see blacks committing crimes on the news in school blacks always the
    trouble makers so it’s no surprise that people don’t wanna be associated
    with blacks now don’t get me wrong there is some bad
    whites,Hispanics,Asians but blacks are always surpassing that number I
    believe it’s a mentality problem blacks are always embracing the bad life
    of drugs,violence,sex and many black teenagers think that’s cool and follow
    those footsteps.

  • Virginia McCann

    People who are allegedly shot and killed… The families of these
    The people who riot… destroy everything in the town…. ARE PAID
    convincing weren’t they?
    The US Government will PAY TOP DOLLAR, for even their own agents in
    Government to
    ” portray ” in these DRAMA-EPISODES… FULL OF CLIFF HANGERS…
    Who Else Is Poor Enough To Work For $$$$$$$$$$$$$ from the Government who
    controls ALL OF THE MASS OF PEOPLE IN THE U.S. Monay?!

  • Charles Elliott

    Thanks Chris for telling the truth..
    . the libs are hiding their heads and will be discarded like the useful
    idiots they are.
    We do not need them .?
    Big question to you. Is Trump part of the solution ? Are the Russians as
    bad as they are portrayed . I’m 66 and have seen a lot but this is too much
    for the average American to understand…….

  • drazapatos

    yeah Chris. I have radically changed this nation. by being a hard working
    immigrant giving moral values to my family and the people of this nation. I
    can fleeing from the shit that united states created by the means of brutal
    government manipulation, using economic hitmans to destroy us. I learned
    english in 4 years, never committed a crime in my life even though I come
    from a very filthy crime country. the issue is not the people but the
    corrupt individuals that govern our world. I know there are some who don’t
    deserve even to exist. but don’t quote everyone as the same, we are all


  • d pooty

    theyre doing this in every city i believe to stir up people and think these
    thugs are getting more bold and dangerous, to kill a cops is such an awful
    idea, it doesnt even seem like it really happens dont these people get
    caught, you’ll be federally executed for that

  • ersogcho

    you are complaining about Obama being racist and you are going to vote for
    a nazzi racist like Donald Trump…i think all you say is bull shit. I
    unsubscribe… aaahhh, an one more thing. This country is not the greatest
    country in the world…. get over it

  • Mark Foster

    they would get a black guy to talk sht about his own race just so he
    couldn’t be viewed as racist. But this Clarke guy is kissing so mch ass it
    makes me sick. Another white washed black guy sent talk sht about the very
    community he came from lol.

  • djtragic

    Did the black person who shot the white person go to jail or was he placed
    on administrative leave, investigated found he did nothing wrong and
    awarded 100,000 from go fund me page. and if george zimmerman would have
    never followed the black kid walking home from the store, trayvon would
    stil be alive.

  • yorubianx

    Dumb analysis from you @AM/TV about the state of crime or the relationship
    between police and American citizens. You sound bias. And Trump is an
    asshole. Why would Obama says a word about black on white crimes or
    brutality against police when the law take it course ? The President only
    talks, when the law is being manipulated to protect a privilege citizen
    mostly white that has committed a crime, police men and women also fall
    into these category of the privilege. Don’t be a fucking bigot.

  • Bro Namath

    I really wish you would take the redirecting boxes out of ALL of your
    videos, it really cheapens your message. I accidentally hit one when trying
    to pause and it made my mac completely spam out. The shit commercials are
    gay as well +AMTV +AMTV

  • Antonio Brown

    This dude represents for all white people! I thought maybe some white
    people understand our struggle in America. I was wrong. I know white people
    is the enemy and still can’t be trusted!

  • Leron Pollard

    There should be Caucazoid History Month in America. That way we can teach
    all the things Snow monkey Americans have done in history, like:

    1 Cherokee Trail of Tears
    2 Japanese American internment
    3 Philippine-American War
    4 Jim Crow
    5 The genocide of Native Americans
    6 Transatlantic slave trade
    7 The Middle Passage
    8 The history of White American racism
    9 Black Codes
    10 Slave patrols
    11 Ku Klux Klan
    12 The War on Drugs
    13 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    14 How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
    15 How whites still benefit from slavery and genocide
    16 White anti-racism
    17 The Southern strategy
    18 The rape of enslaved women
    19 Madison Grant 20 The Indian Wars 21 Human zoos
    22 How the Jews became white
    23 White flight
    24 Redlining
    25 Proposition 14
    26 Homestead Act
    27 Tulsa Riots
    28 Rosewood massacre
    29 Tuskegee Experiment
    30 Lynching
    31 Hollywood stereotypes
    32 Indian Appropriations Acts
    33 Immigration Act of 1924
    34 Sundown towns
    35 Chinese Exclusion Act
    36 Emmett Till
    37 Vincent Chin
    38 Islamophobia
    39 Indian boarding schools
    40 King Philip’s War
    41 Bacon’s Rebellion
    42 American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
    43 History of the gun
    44 History of the police
    45 History of prisons
    46 History of white suburbia
    47 Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
    48 George Wallace Governor of Alabama
    49 Cointelpro
    50 Real estate steering
    51 School tracking
    52 Mass incarceration of black men 53 Boston school busing riots
    54. Jim Crow
    55Church Bombings and fires in deep south to Blacks
    56. Church Shootings
    57. How the Irish and Italians became white
    58. The Perpetuation of the idea of the “model minority”
    59. Housing discrimination
    60. Systematic placement of highways and building projects to create
    61. Medical experimentation on poor poc especially Blacks including
    surgical and gynecological experimentation
    62. History of Planned Parenthood
    63. Forced Sterilization
    64. Cutting children out of pregnant Black mothers as part of lynchings
    65. Eurocentric beauty standard falsification
    66. Erasure and eradication of all achievements of Ancient Africa and Kemet
    67. White washing of history and cultural practices of pocs
    68. Media manipulation and bias
    69. Perpetuation of the myth of reverse racism
    70. The history of white cannibalism
    71. White fragility

    72. Holocast

  • Txboatboy

    I like your videos but please stop screaming! I understand being
    enthusiastic but emphasizing by yelling may turn some people off and when
    you’re trying to expand your audience screaming at them is going to help.
    Alex Jones does it and most people still think he’s a lunatic (I stopped
    watching him). no offense just a tip, take it how you want.

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