Sevan Bomar goes in on how the current system would like all humans to be at their command 24/7 making them robotic and reactionary he discusses a variety of agendas and their innerworking including the “dream machine” and frequency wars via the media.

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  • Ngone Aw

    Thank you Sevan, this is what I have been struggling with and did not quite know how to express my concerns, in the form of a question that is, which you tried to respond to previously. I’m all for positive thinking and mind over matter, however there was and is a deep concern that “Is Is” was not being addressed, you have certainly done so in this video, thanks again

  • missartist123

    You’ve articulately said everything that I’ve been feeling inside myself for years. What you have been bringing forth to your community has really resonated with me. Thank you for this.

  • Realillcoastaztecs

    no one is a crayon lol we are all moorish, the only way I see us eliminating our divisions. I Sovereign Law Am Master

  • Teeuz Cokeman

    and I bet the made the Fake Rappers and now they have real Rappers.. becuz one day I was Writing a rap in my Notebook and vision came in my mind Of Jayz T.i Rick Ross and a few more and They was saying shit too me so I said in my mind I see you to MF and I knew that wasn’t normal wow and ever since then win I do see something on TV with them it’s like they trying to say shit to get under my skin but it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Creative lash

    i saw behind the TV screen 3am it was spirals and triangles
    like something to put you in a daze or trance I changed the channel but it was only that specific channel at that moment, I never saw that in my life so it was interesting to see even though I was a little bugged out about it, so that’s what goes on behind the movie or show you are watching, definitely energy manipulation

  • Ells Future

    Yeah man. The physical reality is the key! Our nature is spiritual. The physical is an implant which we can conquer as well. Keep going! Keep Pushing and Building Energy! Wholeness!

  • Prince Omowale

    peace and blessings to you brother seven, i greatly appreciate the added insight. i have understood the importance of conditioning the mind to not react, i listened to another channel that talked about becoming desireless, so hearing you talk about the “energy scam” puts me right back into the realm of conserving my energy. i will never be a manchurian candidate, i will never be compromised.

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