The Deflationary Debt Spiral Explained

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the Economic Collapse 2016.
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  • Kathy zrinyi

    The end of the age is here. I warned you the four horsemen are about to
    ride. Jesus is the only way. You can’t serve to masters. USA is going to
    burn in the next false flag. They are ready.

  • Bezz80

    There is no way they are going to let someone become a super
    multi-millionaire by walking into a gas station or grocery store and buy a
    ticket for $2, its rigged, just like everything else in that fake world the
    want people to live in. Its just a show, the daydream that keeps American
    slaves happy in their slave jobs, thinking they are not lucky enough or
    somehow good enough to not live like a slave, while a tiny handful of
    people rule over us, as of it was some “natural order”. Great report Chris
    as always.

  • daasboot81

    2 billion is nothing compared to the USA offensive budget of 600 BILLION
    they use of our tax money to drop bombs on civilians.. What sucks is we all
    have blood on our hands. We all contributed to this. Henry Ford was right!!

  • Mark Haushahn

    One gold clad coin for a can of cream corn, one silver clad coin for a
    piece of toilet papper. A real copper penny for a can of peas, one nickel
    for a can of carrots, do you see what I’m saying? No!!!

  • kellerr13

    As predicted, within months or perhaps weeks the interest rates will drop
    back down, this time into the negative numbers.

  • tbuz1991

    Ay Chris, as a concerned Australian that follows US politics and economics
    closely, what do you think might happen to smaller European countries like
    Australia that only have $300 million national debt but stock markets are
    closely tied with global commodities?

    Keep the great work up, love your perspectives and help the people wake up!

  • ThatDude

    I think our military is setting up shop around certain areas ready for us
    to snap. But I think we’ll kill each other more then they will over
    After savaging brings the body counts to billions, and most of our
    countries are overwhelmed with the aftermath, I can see a NWO looking good
    at that point with food, shelter, medicine, nano-vaccine, ID implant, and a
    vow to kiss their ass or die.
    Yeah, I can see that happening.

  • William Scott

    I think we should show the Federal Reserve Bankers what it feels like to
    get an ass kicking from 7 billion pissed off people!
    Violence is never the correct response; but maybe, just this one

  • Steven Wisner

    AMTV telling it the way it is . This man is very well informed and
    knowledgeable now if I can put his news and advice into action look out. I
    follow you as much as I can and thank you for the real news of whats going

  • Chris Waller

    Chris your putting a buzzkill on my joy I’ve had at the gas pump lately.
    But I realize what the consequences are too. Great video, thanks man.

  • Pablo M. Daza

    If the price goes up the people goes crazy, if the price goes down
    everybody goes mad everything is only for power interest

  • kingcubfan

    #1) School Loans #2) Credit Cards #3) Auto Loans These are the three
    predatory lending products that became the money makers after the housing

  • Aaron Bullock

    the fed bankers have the best supercomputers and ai so they can run near
    infinite financial warfare scenarios . . .

  • Joe McDonald

    I made my friends suscribe to AMTV about a week ago because they didnt
    understand what I was trying to say. Ive already got five basically “holy
    shit” texts tonight alone. Thanks Christopher, you explain way better than
    I could ever hope to.

  • Gabriel Traveler

    Oh come on man, I agree with a lot of your views and appreciate what you’re
    doing. But referring to Obama as a “tyrant” makes the meaning of the word
    pointless and borders on demagoguery. It’s like people constantly making
    Nazi comparisons. Let’s leave the extreme comparisons to the extreme
    examples that actually warrant it. I disagree with a lot of Obama’s
    policies myself, but he’s no tyrant.

  • Zio Mason

    Debt, usury? Hmm I wonder what group has utilized those schemes to slow
    down Humanity’s progress over the centuries. Wanna take a guess Christopher

  • Thomas Couch

    Hey Chris, Great job and, keep up the awesome work. Can you check into what
    is going on with shipping, i’m getting reports that all freight ships are
    in port and, no cargo is being shipped (imported or exported) by freight
    liner. According to my info, shipping companies have docked and anchored
    all ships. God Bless and, keep doing what you do so well..

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