Banks Prepare For MASSIVE Housing Bubble Burst In Canada! – You Won’t Believe What BMO Just Did

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about a recent shocking development in Canada as the Bank of Montreal is now bundling uninsured mortgages. A first for Canadian bonds!
As John breaks down, BMO is doing exactly what banks did in the U.S. in 2005-2008 leading to the housing bubble burst and recession.
To understand this, one must understand collateralized debt obligations (CDO) which basically means that banks are selling packages of almost entirely bad mortgages. Included in the packages are a few good mortgages which allow them to rate the packages by the top two or three loans and then sell them to people, pushing them into debt.
The market manipulation is starting to hit its peak in Canada. Artificial markets always eventually come crashing down. As the housing bubbles in Toronto and Vancouver grow to all time highs and cause massive instability, it’s important to get out of the system.
People are much better off decentralized and insured with sound money instead of thinking their house is an asset or piggy bank.

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Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Thore Stub Sneisen
Josh Sigurdson

Graphics by Bryan Foerster and Josh Sigurdson

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  • jer ros

    how do you find the ease of use for btc in canada? 1600ish/btc right now cad, what do you think it’s future is?

  • Tinder inc

    3/4 of the listings on my local market have an average profit of $100k -$350k built into the price from what they paid in 2014-2015 to what its for sale or sold for in 2017… it creates alot of new money on the street when you considered its not just the houses around me there is more and larger profits…

  • Marked Man

    Have no sympathy. The banks could of been the gate keepers and forced buyer ownership based on location viability value instead of speculative purchases. They could of at least instituted substantially higher interest charges for house commodity purchases instead of home buyer purchases. Also Katlhyeen Wynn bag and John Tory could of lowered that tax hit on land transfer tax IF this will be your home primary residents. Now the market has gone so out of control that IT needs to retract at least 45%….at minimum.

  • Paul Paul

    I am glad you told off that scumbag poor excuse of a P.M. Trudeau! He is ruining the country and very much involved in the money laundering of Foreign Transactions and is clearly in with the Real Estate Agents and Lawyers. People need to open up their eyes and not believe these evil politicians. The media is starting to remind me of CNN, all lies and biased. Keep up what you’re doing because a lot of people unfortunately are very ignorant to what is happening. I went to see a condo for sale that was about 268k, now 4 months later the exact same type of unit is asking for 320k. That is a problem and a lot of these sales are from Foreigners but apparently we do not have the data. That is a load of you know what. It is like China 2 here in Canada but the government loves it because they make money off them while the residence of Toronto and other areas need to leave because of affordability. QUESTION FOR YOU? Do you know what the conservative governments view is on real estate right now? Do they want to do anything to correct it? I have been trying to figure this out but I don’t know. Thank You!

  • Gary Schill

    I own my house outright. It has gone from $330k to 1M in the last 12yrs. That being said I hope this market crashes hard so all the greedy ones who have propped this market up lose their shirts and allow young people struggling to be able to buy a home. Take all your money out of the banks people and any investments make sure it is savings only. The markets will crash with the housing market and bye bye investments.

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