Richard Spencer Responds to His Hail Victory Speech & Roman Salutes at Alt-Right Conference

Richard Spencer, the man who coined the term Alt-Right, responds to the hysterical worldwide coverage of the 5 attendees doing Roman salutes at the end of his speech at the NPI conference he produced.

We also discuss how the media lied, Trump’s forced response, Alt-Right trolling and actual violence not reported.

Later, Mike Enoch the host of The Daily Shoah, also comments on the spectacle as he too had some fun and made a Roman salute at the conference.


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  • Mark Ganus

    the alt-right isn’t a movement; it’s a reaction to all the anti-european,
    anti-west, anti-normalcy sentiment that has permeated this side of the
    globe for the last 60 years. it can be suppressed with enough fascism, but
    it can’t be eradicated.

  • Lars Jonsson

    The alt right have invested waaaaay to much in the false opposition puppet
    Donald Trump.
    Trump has already started back pedaling on his campaign promises and
    started to praise Hillary and Obama. You’ve got played.

    Maybe the roman salutes were infiltrator pr black propaganda? I don’t care.
    Nothing wrong with the roman salute.

  • Chris Peters

    Libertarians are afraid to admit their movement is 99% white, they’re
    almost apologetic for who they are and i wonder what they make of the fact
    90% of blacks and 70% of hispanics hate their precious presidents guts.
    Enter idenity politics

  • deplorable n

    i couldn’t really care. its just another taboo to slay. we all know the
    world would have been a better place if ww2 had gone the other way. we
    certainly wouldn’t be starring down the barrel of extinction. anything is
    better than that.

  • Fred Carter

    Spencer needs to release a statement to the media saying he is not a Nazi
    and the Alt-Right is not fundamentally a Nazi movement. Explain he was
    giving a toast to Trump winning the election. Then say he can’t control
    others who gave the Roman salute and he wouldn’t want to because each
    person in the Alt-Right is an individual and each is accountable for their
    own actions. Point out that out of the 200 that were there, only a few gave
    the salute, so whatever is to be concluded from that as it pertains to the
    Alt-Right, should only be concluded to as small a number as was that gave
    the roman salute.

    The media works in guilt by association, They will always take actions from
    individuals and use them to brand the entire group. This must be countered!
    The way to counter it is to fragment the Alt-Right into millions of
    individual pieces, each being its own and each being accountable for their
    own actions. With the sum of all its individual parts making up a larger

  • Name Surname

    I’ve actually seen a decent amount of people become cucks after this and
    did what the media wanted them to : disavow Spencer. If you do what the
    media pressures you to, you’re a cuck. And if you do once what the media
    does they will just demand more and more next time. It’s the MSM. Tell them
    to go fuck themselves. There is no leader of the alt-right. They want to
    make a leader to tear us down. Don’t play their game.

  • Willhelm S

    You think framing yourself as ironic hipster supremacists makes you look
    better? I’m so embarrassed for you and your group…

  • Caesar Himself

    So you gift your enemy with a big propaganda bomb then act surprised when
    they light the fuse?
    What did you think, when you decided to “Hail Trump”, would happen? Did you
    think the media would say “ha ha Richard, good ironic joke chum”?
    This was a fuck up. No two ways about it.

  • rob moss

    wow just wow Spencer is owning these idiots, from the hail stuff for
    instance did he say sign heil no he said hail and raised a whiskey glass,
    and lugenpresse which in the feeble jewish mind sounds to much like
    judenpresse good trolling sir good trolling

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