White DNA Is An “Abomination”

A Texas university newspaper published an incredibly anti-White column claiming that the world would be liberated if White people died off.

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About The Author



    I just realized..
    It is always the same.
    The created always hate their creator.
    Think about that.. Tall whites.
    Why do you think we are waiting for a “2nd” coming of a savior?
    Why do you think white people are obsessed with the “heavens”?

    we truly are not of this world… But the universe.

  • Kevin Franck

    And for all you white hate ppl stop using the things whites invented or created. If yall did you all would be living like ppl did a thousand years ago.

  • Kreutzerwrath

    Too right. This little bitch Rudy Martinez better hope I dont catch his ass here in Texas. What’s funny is I’m sure you’ll have observed that he lives in a white majority country.Why? Because in Mexico instead of being a left wing beta male college student he would just be some cartel members cum dumpster. Some kind of race war is the last thing gusanos like this want.

  • archangele1

    People tend to hate anything or anyone that exposes the faults in them as well as their culture. White people had their time of conflict. Heck, just look at WWII and WWI or our American civil war or the Russian revolution. But we grew out of it and now the areas that are predominantly White are peaceful, clean and the places EVERY other race wants to migrate to. If the regions of the earth which have a mojority of non White people are so great, then why is everyone trying to go to Europe, the USA, Canada and Austrailia? It was White people who made these places. If White people are so bad, then why are the other races running from their home lands to areas that are built by and filled with White people? I would think other races would want to flee the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia like the plague. It makes no sense. Are other races stupid? Are they masochistic? Why are they not migrating to Asia, the middle east, South America or Africa? White people need to stop this socialistic messionism and adopt the philosophy that made White culture what it is today. You work hard and you have a good life. You sit on your duff and expect hand outs, you starve. No one should be forced, by taxes and government, to support migrant ingrates who openly hate the population that made the country great. Why is is only Cenrtal and Eastern Europe seem to understand this today?
    A growing number in America are starting to figure this out, but they are constantly being attacked by the media and education which, unfortunately, have become bastions of sick maniacal liberalism.

  • John Mccart

    Israeli Zionist Jewry is most definitely a socio-political-ethnic construct, based on nothing but a false notion of supremacy, abuse and greed.
    I’M Belfast Irish, we’re the whitest white fuckers in the world and we fought damned hard to get the right to draw a breath….SO FUCK IGNATIEV AND ALL THE REST FOR THIS MINDFUCK NONSENSE!

  • Ant Man

    Excellent and energizing as usual, Mrs. P. Thanks for having more courage in defending us than a thousand colorblind conservatives.

  • E O

    All of this Regressive Libtard ideology will be remembered for the insanity that it was – I can imagine our great grandchildren laughing in disbelief that people ‘back then’ actually believed this.

  • kickingbadger7

    They are so jealous of whites. Very soon they will try to kill more of us. They will use violence on whites. 8 to 9 percent of the worlds population? This is soon going to be the reality, they will not kill us all off of course, they still need sex slaves for their world wide Caliphate.

  • CthulhuChow

    well, it’s a shitskin, you can’t get greatness out of lump of shit. of course, if the wiggers would just off themselves, they’d be so much happier.

  • BuBBle.D

    I am from Slovenia and we do not have such problems here. I think such sh!t can only fly in America, where (((some))) have free reign and have pounded this moronic idea into peoples heads.

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